How the foreign media fabricate MH370 news

“But here is what’s not so ‘harmless’, what’s not harmless is filling in that gap, between supply of information & the demand for it, with completely baseless speculation, about a…foreign actor and enemy & using the gap & supply of information to ‘push’ whatever paranoid you have ‘to make people scared’ about the ‘enemy you want them to be scared of’ There are real people who are really hurting right now, at the centre of this tragedy. There are real people who are working their tails off who tries to bring about some resolution to this. You cover that all you want, but do not use mystery & its presence as an excuse for whatever boogeymen you choose to make your audience scared of. That is the grown up version monsters underneath the bed, and our job is not to fill the air by telling bedtime” -Chris Hayes.

I couldn’t agree more. However I also feel that its not just the media who have the responsibility to not share fabricated and unverified news, it also goes back to ourselves, not to easily share information until we have check its source and confirm its truth. This is quite common, in Malaysia and maybe other parts of the world. Most common instant sharing that people do not bother to check was whenever there are any ‘halal’ issue, so often that a lot of companies who have obtained their halal status was somehow claimed to not be halal. Companies like Mc D, Starbucks are often the target, set aside about them being a jewish company. You want to boycott that fine, how about boycotting paper money, its jewish too? I don’t really like to eat McD, not because its jewish company related, but because fast food is not good for health. You eat good food, real food, foods that properly cook and not mere fats and sugar. I remember one conversation i had with a german muslim back then, he was asking me whether even mineral water had to obtain halal logo and i happen to carry with me a bottle of a local mineral water bottle, and walla! Its true, even mineral water had to be halal compliance. I mean, water by its nature is already clean…what more halal so why  do we need to put a logo on that? Do we have to find a halal logo if we were stuck in the middle of nowhere, and find a water resource ? I am not going to talk about that since it will invite more debates. All i am saying is that, we should not make our life too complicated, when it is already simple enough. Spare me the lecture. Then, lets not forget the recent 40000 bangladesh ‘ghost voter’s , which one of the post people easily shares back then were modified from a Bangladesh government so called official website, claiming that they did accept PM’s offer to get those Bangladeshi flying in. That is even more bizarre to bring in than the how MH370 gone missing, and yet the opposition did win in Kajang amidst the claim that its some distraction issue that the government are planning to distract the Malaysians here from the election. You won, so did you get 5000+ majority voters from ghost voters too? I do not like to talk about politics but sometimes people politicize things so ridiculously that they tend not to be able to make sense of what is logic and accepts blindly what others shares without properly going through what they got and think whether its true or not. Its our responsibility to filter the news we get before sharing it with others, else it will be fitnah. We are accountable to our own sins. Just because you think you are healthy and young, it doesn’t mean you can’t at any point be dead if Allah wants to. The world is merely a distraction and delay of the real world we are about to live forever. So when you say something to people, especially mean things, think, will it help them, will it change things , will it make things better, will it hurt them (if your purpose are only to hurt them …forget that. it only reflect how awful you are to others and to yourself). Careless words are the worst, for you can’t take back the words you say to others , sometimes even apologies wont help you change it back to the way you and the person were., and sometimes its too late to apologize because they might be gone….


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