My girls reunion 2014

My girls reunion 2014

I lost count how many years we have been best friends, but i am glad to have found best friends like them in my life Its never too late to tell the people you love, how much you love them. And I am doing this right now, because i don’t want to waste any more time not to.

Even though one of us could not make it that day but I am glad to be able to spend the night with the rest of my friends, details set aside. I must say I am pretty blessed to be surrounded by good people who brings all the things i never expect to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to know them.

I knew Fara (the pink headscarf) since my first day in class, it was just a random strike of conversation with the person next to me since i like to sit on the front row. She happened to be sitting next to me, i was pointing out some tips about how to wear her brooch without itching her skin. And walla! Friends for life!

Although i must admit there was hiccups along the way, but it really taught me how to accept people just the way they are, despite our differences. And staying with her family makes me feel so welcomed by their warmth and cheerfulness (now i know where she got all her bubbly and cheery side of her)

I must have mentioned before , but she would be one of the few people i would let her hold my hand since i have a fear of being touched. But i guess i learn to trust her holding me, whenever we go out that i did not mind if she clutched on my arms. Time goes by, i had to ‘let go of her hands’ now that she is married & have children hehe …i must say, i was just about to get used to it, should have let you hold me more back when you were single,eh?
Its okay, you’ve already touched my heart with your endless love and all the things you have done all this while.

The bride, a.k.a Shu, I must admit that we don’t really have much memories together except that i always come to her room and stayed the night on our final years. But you have always been there for me whenever i need it. More like a ‘Bro’ to me who’d always have my back, i know this for sure because you were the one who would back me up when we try our best to sort the research we had to get it done , which brought us together

Most of our friends don’t even know we are friends , including Wan (your ‘roomate ultraman’ who is your actual best friend) Thats what I like most about you & wan, i don’t have to compete for a spot with one or the other, instead i was welcome as one of your Avengers team right away!

Wan was the middle sister, sometimes, especially now that she have become a mother, turn into a beautiful mother figure we never expect she could be. Guess, everyone will always surprise you every now and then. Strange as it seems, i remember most of her tomyam maggie & her food stocks. Perhaps she’s already developing her motherhood since then. I was quite touched when I visited her home, she puts on so much effort to welcome me & fara that there was just too much food on the table we could not finish it.

Gee, the girl with the green scarves have the same traits like Wan, she practically prepared so many food for one person, just because she remembers how our family welcome our guests. Well, there was after all 10 of my friends who came and stay the night that time. So you really don’t have to put so much effort to welcome only one person! By the time we stayed at her house one night after the akad nikah, i think she managed to tone it down a little with the food. From the bottom of my heart, i really appreciate your hospitality. I know that you remember even the little things but its those little things that touch you most. Thank you for remembering those little things 🙂

Eliz, couldn’t make it this time, the bus ticket ran out. If she was here, it would be more livelier since she is after all the glue a.k.a the ‘father’ of our own little extended family. We missed you here , as much as you miss us. So don’t worry about not being able to make it, who knows one of us will find our future husband and we will again have reason to reunite again like this.

But then again, we can always meet up….one… InsyAllah (“,)

I wanted to write a lot of things about my trip to Kelantan and what I learnt from it. But i am going to wait a few more days in respect of the recent news. Some things can wait (“,)


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