55 minutes, a glimpse of Heaven!


The above picture are supposed to be some Islamic TV program Host who comes from Kelantan, i can’t remember his name but he looks familiar. 


It feels different to take the flight during this time, i was more nervous than my first time taking the plane compared to today. My mind was all over the place that i went to the wrong gate despite seeing the signboard going the other way. And i was praying so hard during the take off, and only felt calmer once we are on the clouds. And then, the sun rises and you just couldn’t stop to marvel at Allah’s greatest gift to us.It must have been so good to be a pilot ,I believe, flying, is the closest you can be in the arms of God.

For you are always under His care and His mercy.

May Allah protect the passengers of MH370 from any harm and may Allah have mercy on His slaves.

“Verily after every hardship comes ease “


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