Day 10

What i find disturbing is not the political fights, or the elections, or the economic bubble about to burst.

What troubles me more, is how can anyone in their right mind, in this short lived life, in spite of what they already have , could have the heart to hold 239 passengers hostage?

The dangerous part is not if they ask for ransom, but if they don’t.

And criticizing the government wont change the fact that there aren’t just 239 life is at stake but also the life of the family they leave behind should anything happen to them

The foreign media have been too much propagating a sentiment on this issue, which ironically most of the people I know believes more of their government credibility.

Do not look at the social media, its not even reliable, and just because there are ‘thousands’ of negative comments, it doesn’t mean they are not from the same person using so many different accounts.

It is far more dangerous to be able to control a plane from satellites away  from earth than someone deliberately turning off the radar. I feel so much pain, and sadness for the strangers i dont even know . I try not to watch any footage of their face or life story, because i will then know their life , that they exist and belong to a family.

It makes you feel even sadder because you too have a family. And I don’t even know why anyone would not think the same or have the heart to at least sympathize with the victim’s family.

I still hope that whatever happens , God will protect us all, and the passengers as well. I couldn’t care less about who, or why anymore this is happening. I care only for them to safely return home. Because thats where they belong and should be right now. 

Keep on praying, everyone. That’s the least we can do. 



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