The day Malaysia stood tall.

Source: Press Conference on missing MH370. Day 3 (4:00pm, 10/3/2014) – ASTRO Awani

Kudos to DS Hishamuddin for answering the questions with such calm but firm stand on our main priority. Those who think they can do better than us & the rest of the country helping in this search your welcome to help but if you cant, stop trying to find holes on non-related issue. Dont criticize others unless you are helping them up.

Those who think they need approval from the foreign media to believe Malaysia’s credibility in handling this crisis, please read this article from Commander William Marks , the spokesman for the United States Navy Seventh Fleet,  (x)

As for my own opinion, I have full faith and stand by the Malaysian Government’s determination  in handling this issue.  Quoting from his comments on the confusion that the foreign media claims to be

“It’s only confusion if you want it to be seen to be confusion,” 

– DS Hishammuddin


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