Happy 55th Birthday, Um!!

To the best gift in this world,

First of all, thank you to Mak Tok for giving birth to you,today, 55 years ago. This video could not compile all the times you have been there for five of us, nor can we make up for all the times we may have hurt you intentionally or not as we grew up.

To give birth to a child requires remarkable courage, to raise a child would be the most admirable job, and to have you & Abi as our parents is the most valuable gift.
Honestly if we could take it all back, we would take all the words and things we did throughout the years. But then, you would not have become who you are today.

So, we’d like to thank you for the amazing adventure we had, the time you spent with us, and the faith you gave for each one of us. For the tears you wipe from our face, for the jokes you crack to make us smile again, for the food you prepared or paid, for the places you took for us to see, for the clothes you sew and made, for the wisdoms & advice you gave, and importantly , for making our day worth living every single day.

No amount of time would be enough for us to pay back everything you have done for us, but what we can do is make doa for your well being, protection and blessings from Allah swt.

As your hand wrinkles, as you ache from work and as you aged, rest assured that to take care of both of you would be an honour that we cannot wait. We may not say this often, or show how we feel, but know that we will always love you both till the end. May Allah give us more opportunities and time to spend with our parents. InsyAllah, God willing.

Love, from all of us.





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