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All the hoohahs about boycotting Malaysian artist and anything related to Malaysia by some foreign media they claim people are trying to push us with China , is actually a very small portion of some netizens whom only small % of people have access with internet, who could also be from a multiple account fb commentors,  and pretty much a lot of distorted facts manipulated by some vested interest foreign media.

You have to see who owns what and who will profit from this issue if our good relationship with China are broken off. China have been our long time good friend since way before history were written, we have strong diplomatic ties since the Malacca Sultanate golden age until now, so i believe that China is not one country who would severe our long time friendship.

We lost our Malaysian crew & passengers as well (they also have family waiting for some glimmer hope about it), and Malaysia Airlines have never neglect their responsibility since day one, including our Government effort in the search with the rest of the 26 countries, so if we are incompetent, then what do you have to say to the rest of the team from these 26 countries including China & US? Its an international effort, which Malaysia are leading it, because we took our responsibility to carry out the search since its our airline, and even if its not, we would still offer to help to find it regardless

Just look at our diplomatic ties and relief mission in the past, look at Bosnia, look at Rohingya, and all the muslim related country effected, even if they aren’t muslim country, we still send our help whatever we can. I am not defending this just because its my country, but its my responsibility as Malaysian to stand up for whats right and defend it from the lies people put all over the net which sadly there are even Malaysians who is gullible enough to believe and spread unverified source and conspiracy theories which we like to sensationalize it just like how certain proportion of people who lovessss spreading gossips and knowing about who dates who marry who divorce who and laugh about other people’s misery while their own life is in a wreck.

These people have a black heart, who see nothing but bad things on others. They can never see the good in people, there’s a lot of parents or lovers, or even to themselves, who sees the worst in others or themselves but could never see there is some good in them despite their imperfections.

Life is not a straight linear line, its slightly crooked to some, and people aren’t perfect, government aren’t perfect, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t good people worth believing in, worth giving a chance, and would improve and become a better person if you believed more in them and encourage them and be kind towards them

There is no reason to be mean, to somehow theorize of all the things in the world , to blame that everything is the fault of some jewish conspiracy , for even among muslims, admit it, even between friends, even between family, there are people who conspires in taking others down in the worst way possible and meanest revenge as possible.

I know this because, i am not excluded from meeting the worst person possible, but i believe that in spite of everything that have happen, nobody are born evil until they grew up , meeting all other mean people, or have some sort black history that lead them to be who they are now.

Even if they are surrounded by good people or bad people, we all have the choice to be good or bad, in some point of our life. We are thrown in this world for a purpose, we meet all kind of people , not just to know them, but to know ourselves and who we are capable of being and what we do about these people we meet, and what we do with our life determines who we become later.

One thing for sure, everyone is trying their best to find the blackbox so don’t judge other people’s effort in retrieving it, if you have never sailed seven seas, or even sailed in a fishermen boat , in the open sea, don’t you dare type on that keyboard of what should or should not be done, finding the blackbox is not just a google away.

Its a microscopic view if you were to see from satellite, you turn one side, takes 3-4 days to get the image , which by then, it may have floated elsewhere if you were looking for debris. Try and put a paper boat on a bathtub, or the rubber duckie, will it stay still? Even if there aren’t any waves, it will slowly move unless there is an anchor.

Theories are just theories, anyone can make a website and write in so convincing way that you would believe there is a conspiracy, who knows its just a conspiracy to make it seem like there is one and then easily takes over our country from within or by making it seem like there is resistance in a country and then invade it via some ‘international law’. History repeats itself, they just need a reason or maybe no reason at all to gain whatever they want from any country in the world.

So for the sake of the victim’s family, whom even you don’t know what they are going through, even if you know, you can never know what they really feel, please..just stop sharing all those unverified source from mushrooms of website you dont know how true it is. Lies and lies have been fabricated so high that it covers the simple truth, either you call it Mother Nature, and those who believes in God, its gone beyond reasonable doubt, which God alone knows why He allows this to happen..whatever the reason behind this, it have definitely brought us together, into remembering Him more, and be reminded that our time on this world is shorter than we think

That it is possible for a plane like Amelia Earheart‘s to simply gone missing for years, with no trace at  all. And its NOT the first time such bizarre unexplainable missing happen in this world not just in Malaysia, but even developed countries, could not explain how did it happen to their own flights ,within their own technology capacity, and their own shores.

And if you were to put blame on one country alone, or the pilot alone,  then you should also question the manufacturers. You can’t blame a missing toy, just because you think someone hide it from you.

Its easy really, to blame one particular people or whoever you want, but its harder to not do that and give someone the benefit of the doubt , to resist our own mind and thoughts , from judging people, from assuming the worst of people, to just shut up and let the authorities do their job. Unless you can do a better job than them , unless you prefer to be out there finding it yourselves, just pray for the best, that truth will reveal to us of what actually happen to it.

Time is running out, so don’t waste other people’s time with your useless accusations. We don’t live on the internet..unless thats what you have been doing all your life which would be a pity since there’s more to life than just the internet and playing candy crush asking for ‘life’ .








Currently reading

Image   Meet Birsilah Bakar , a former Environmental Technology from Universiti Sains Malaysia graduate who took 5 years to graduate after coming back from 3 month travel in Spain and a year break before finishing her degree. Now, she finally achieve her dream to become a writer, this is her first published book by Lejen Press.  (I heard its getting pretty good review *kipaskipas*)

Reading the first few page of her book, I could not help but to notice that the whole 5 years studying in environment did somehow put into a good use in her writings. Here’s an excerpt from her book (with permission from the author) :

“Semua orang kampung tahu yang harga pembangunan ini membuatkan mereka sudah kurang dapat makan sotong bakar. Belangkas yang selalu memenuhi pantai segan-segan datang. Mana dia ketam yang dulunya sebesar pinggan makan?”   “Nabila masih lagi duduk ditembok batu, mengurut kaki yang lenguh. Selipar jepunnya berat dengan lumpur yang sudah keras. Dia selalu saja berkaki ayam, tetapi melihatkan sampah sarap dan botol-botol kaca yang bertimbun membuatkan dia mengubah fikiran. Dahulu tempat ini dipenuhi pasir putih, bersih sejauh mata memandang.   Dalam beberapa tahun berikutnya, kawasan orang berkelah perlahan-lahan dimamah ombak menyebabkan beberapa kemalangan nyawa. Pihak pemaju merasakan yang hakisan pantai ini merbahaya, dan akan memberi kesan negatif kepada penduduk setempata dan pelancong asing. Keputusan dibuat dan sebab itulah, tembok batu setinggi satu meter ini dibina dari gigi air ke jalan besar.   500 meter bongkah batu besar disusun berlapis-lapis, Siang ia panas melepuh dan malam , sejuk meremang. Ini bukan namanya penambahbaikan, tetapi penambahburukan. Punggung mereka berbekas ditikam haba matahari, dan waktu malam gigilnya sampai ke tulang tongkeng. Ini semua dibuat untuk keselamatan,kata mereka. Sementara itu pembinaan jambatan gantung dan pusat membeli belah yang bari di jeti langsung tidak disebut sebagai punca hakisan atau pencemaran.   Pembangunan, ulang orang yang datang dari bandar. Penduduk kampung diam sahaj,. sambil menanti bau keladak , bau busuk dan hamparan ikan mati yang terapung kembali ke laut apabila air pasang.”



I guess dreams do come true, if you put your heart on it. I haven’t finish reading it though, but so far its pretty much a good read. If only I have more time to squeeze in between my studies. Hehe. To you, Bc, its been a pleasure meeting you and knowing how far you have step outside your comfort zone. Only you would be crazy enough to quit your job after randomly bought a 6 month all round europe flight ticket in a mall to feed your wanderlust. The Spanish did you pretty good there, haha , glad to know that you have finally reach your dream just a little bit closer. Hopefully you will get more opportunities to go even further than where you already are now. I am pretty sure that you will make it one day!

I am looking forward for your english book since my spanish is getting rusty ;P

‘Giving up’ part 2

My friend ask me why i danced along when we went for Yosakoi. I said to her, its better to be awkwardly dancing together than awkwardly dance alone.

Another friend ask me why I confided to her back when I was giving up since we weren’t close at that time, I told her, I was just following my intuition ,

I guess, this time, I’m slowly letting go, and being more of myself, or perhaps the side of me i never knew existed.

I realize that i have not been meeting new friends for the past year, or so, i still hang on to my friends from the past, not that we are no longer friends. but i relied on them too much that i stop myself from getting to know other people who could be friends

And I’m starting to read again, making time to read,

And maybe i do need to get a new hobby like one of my follower told me. I’m not sure what kind of hobby id go into, but when i do, i will make sure i try more things this year

I always believe that our time on earth is short, that we could die any time, anywhere, if He wills it. We may not have a chronic disease, but we should know that everyday, our age catches up with you, and without realizing, we are already half a decade or more.

In 2 years time, I will be 30. I never realize how fast time flies, all i know i was studying and studying, and continue studying. I had my own life, fortunate enough to know a lot of people , and blessed enough with the rare few friends who always have my back even if they are not here, a family that loves me and support almost anything i do, these people makes my life worth living , every single day. So much that i look forward to live the next day because i want to spend my time with them

Yesterday, my niece wanted to play at the playground as we were having dinner outside, and i obliged to anything she wants, even though i was already tired walking with her on the evening nearby our house. its nice to have a place to walk to, im glad my dad chose our home to be built close to the paddy field,else, i may have grown up being quite the opposite.

One thing i notice about my family esp my parents is that they gave me no reason to run away, because i feel at home whenever i am with them. Which is very important feeling to come back home to, perhaps thats what it feels to have someone to come back home to.

And although marriage never come across my mind often, i do think of it some times, just not too seriously.My first question of ‘When will you get married?’ was when i was 19, when my first brother got married. Then i did not hear it until my sister got married 5 years later, and people kept asking from then onwards.

Like the closer you are to graduation and expected to find a job, people kept asking and asking. At first i was annoyed but then i realize that they were just concern, and wants you to be happy as well. I am happy, at the moment, being single because this is the time i am supposed to be single. Slowly the pressure of getting married only last on the wedding day of my relatives, i never realize i have been avoiding some weddings, but i had to choose the people i genuinely are happy for them rather than pretending to be happy about it.

i think this is the time that i feel more at peace with myself, and start to realize who i am, although not everything. but im glad, that i no longer have to expect too much from life and live it as it is. for whatever reason, it certainly help me to notice more about the things around me, slowly, im letting go of life…the life that people expect you to be.

hopefully one day, i’ll be the person i am supposed to be. giving up, was probably the best part about this journey, i give up my ideals, my judgement, my expectation, and even my hopes.

But i will never give up on my dreams….im going to live this day with the thought that everything is possible, and there should be no reason at all i cannot achieve it, unless God have a different plan for me.

Giving up, is letting go of all the baggage you carry on your shoulder, loosen up a little and just enjoy the moment you have now. appreciate those around you, talk to them, and reconnect with the ones you love. it could be friends, family or even your other half.

whoever you spend time with, know that its the last time you will be with them, for who knows the future? if we were born only to die, we wouldnt be born at all. but life is a long journey but time is shorter than we think. so make the most of it,

stop trying too hard to please people but be pleased with yourself, accept who you are, embrace both the good and the bad side in you, for thats who you are and you can only exist with both inside you, what matters is which side you choose to lead your life as.

remove the people who hurt you, you are better off without them. thorns are to be pulled out and not left inside you. forgive them anyway because you need it the most, rather than those who hurt you. dont hold grudges or revenge, simply let go, and let God pay the debt they owe to you. the best thing you can do is be happy, that will drive your enemy crazy.

and no matter what you do, be happy, be happy to work, and not the other way round.  like they say, success can only be obtained if you are happy. it is not about gaining status, money or fame, but because you love what you do and happy with what you get and where you arrive in these stage of life.

as for love, leave it to the one who love you the most to choose and bring you to the person meant for you.Trust me, when the time comes, your soul will recognize each other, thats why they are called ‘soulmates’

After all, God is the best planner. Keep the faith.


*An old post.

Perhaps its true, when you give out more love,you will receive more love
And when you decide to give people more attention, there are people who will return your attention the way you gave yours

And i always believe that being nice are both an advantage and disadvantage. Its not a weakness but strength.

And i learn that i can no longer live alone for too long, i need people too, not because i need them but sometimes they need you too.

And i feel that when you learn to let go of yourself a little, you will smile more, laugh more, and make your life more meaningful.

And when you allow people to come into your life, when you start opening the door, you find so many interesting people coming into your heart , touching you in ways you never expect

And when i finally stop expecting from people, and stop looking for non existent thing from people,when i stop myself from thinking too much of what if’s, maybe ,..just maybe i dont have to look anymore. And focus on the people i already have rather than those i dont have.

He will come one day, for sure he will..he’s probably as busy as i am right now building our own career and making our own path before our path crossed with each other Because thats the kind of person i know id marry one day, who knows me too well that he would understand why i came to his life , pretty much late. Im late too, and he’s probably stuck somewhere. And one day, when the time is right, we will find each other. Because soulmates recognize each other in an instant. Their heart will tell them who they are. Its just a matter of time that our hearts are hidden from one another. We must keep it safe, and wont simply give to anyone other than each other.

As for now, i want to focus with myself, and the people around me whom ive taken for granted. Suddenly , time seems to fly so fast that my time with them seems so short, and find myself craving for more time to spend with them.


Thank you wajah-wajah kesayangan hamba 🙂

Kelantan to remember


This was the first time i travelled alone to Kelantan, I went there to attend one of my best friend wedding, I was quite nervous at first thanks to the MH370 incident. It somehow made my mind occupied so I find myself lost even though it was just a small airport.

It was until we were on the clouds that I felt much calmer, especially when I saw the sun rise. It was the first time I get to watch the sun rise that close so i was really awed by His majestic beauty that i did not slept through out the flight and spend the whole 55 minutes just marvelling at His creation.



Surprisingly, Kota Bharu airport was even smaller than expected, the first thing i notice about Kelantan is their simplicity. Like, I may not agree with the opposition but I do agree on slow development, we don’t really need too many sky scraper. And coming from the city, it was like going back to my kampung to be here. I felt right at home.

My friend fetch me like 30 minutes later or so, we went straight to visit her uncles funeral in her kampung. Then, I was introduced by some of her family members, she have 9 siblings, and dozens of niece & nephew from all age.It felt like being in school all over again, like, there is one group of kindergarten age of niece & nephew of hers, a group of primary,and a few secondary. So basically you will hear these kids running around the house,playing all sort of games & even singing songs together

They never fail to make me smile with whatever kiddy things they do.  I guess I miss that the most since by now everyone have grown up so you don’t really get to play around like that once you become adult. Good thing that I have my niece to play with once a while when i go home, the house were livelier now that we have them in the house.

One of her niece, whom they call ‘baby’ simply took a diapers and gave it to me to change her lol!  And a few of her nephew ‘interviewed’ me asking about my age and did not believe that i am the same age as their Aunt. Compliment, yes but still its awkward to hear that .

Below is one of my fave pics, the first one is when we are on our way back home from the funeral, The car have a window on top of the roof (i dont know what its called)  We just finished putting all the coconuts for the wedding preparation.They made a train line and passed the coconuts one to another until the back of the car. It was fun.


On another day, we went to Rantau Panjang , since that Munduk was closed for outside visitor. Munduk, is actually another side of Thailand border where Sg Golok located. My friend said, the price are way cheaper there  but too bad, we couldn’t go in. Instead we went here



Well, the food was okay. I tried Hot Dog Pulut , Akok, and the other one is Aiskrim Baba (originated from Thailand)  but i think i prefer Nasi Kerabu most since they use fresh meat and where else you can taste original Nasi Kerabu if not in Kelantan right? They usually have Nasi Berlauk every morning, rice with some sort of curry looking chicken.


On the night after my friend’s nikah, we stayed at another of our best friend’s house few minutes away, and i couldnt wait to get out of the house and explore around the kampung. So I went off with my camera after asking permission from her mother, since my friend went out to buy breakfast.

Crossed in between the coconut trees straight to the corn field and came across these kids accompanying their mom to work. After i snapped their photos , they went to their mom and told her about me. Quietly make my move and head back to my friend’s house lol!



The above picture is my friend’s father, he was shaving in front of an old mirror.

On the nikah night, there was a football match between Selangor & Kelantan, i’m not sure who won but Selangor was leading that time. So it was quite funny that as the bride & groom were busy taking photos with the guest and all that, the whole family deserted them and watch the football instead, one of the Kelantan player were about to score a goal…or not.

Here’s some of my fave photos during the akad nikah day. Shu (my best friend) was so calm handling what seems like about to go disastrous wedding , I don;t even know what would happen if it were me in her place. One thing I learn from her, is that there is no use to be so angered about things that went wrong, because it wont change the situation or make things goes right. For instance, there was a miscommunication on her pelamin, they only manage to put a white cloth as a background for photoshoot, still it turn out quite beautiful. So i guess, some things are beyond our control , so we just have to let it be and it will somehow fall into place the way it should be.

(above picture is not my photo)

The next remaining photos are collections of her niece & nephew photos. I must say, to have such a big warm and lively family like she have, you are sure one lucky family to have each other! I If you are reading this shu, thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful big family of yours. I had the most fun and happiest time there. Loved all your nephew & niece, and would definitely miss them!

Congratulations again on your marriage, may Allah bless your marriage with even more than what you already have. InsyAllah (“,)


p/s: your wedding video lambat sket eh hahaha




How the foreign media fabricate MH370 news

“But here is what’s not so ‘harmless’, what’s not harmless is filling in that gap, between supply of information & the demand for it, with completely baseless speculation, about a…foreign actor and enemy & using the gap & supply of information to ‘push’ whatever paranoid you have ‘to make people scared’ about the ‘enemy you want them to be scared of’ There are real people who are really hurting right now, at the centre of this tragedy. There are real people who are working their tails off who tries to bring about some resolution to this. You cover that all you want, but do not use mystery & its presence as an excuse for whatever boogeymen you choose to make your audience scared of. That is the grown up version monsters underneath the bed, and our job is not to fill the air by telling bedtime” -Chris Hayes.

I couldn’t agree more. However I also feel that its not just the media who have the responsibility to not share fabricated and unverified news, it also goes back to ourselves, not to easily share information until we have check its source and confirm its truth. This is quite common, in Malaysia and maybe other parts of the world. Most common instant sharing that people do not bother to check was whenever there are any ‘halal’ issue, so often that a lot of companies who have obtained their halal status was somehow claimed to not be halal. Companies like Mc D, Starbucks are often the target, set aside about them being a jewish company. You want to boycott that fine, how about boycotting paper money, its jewish too? I don’t really like to eat McD, not because its jewish company related, but because fast food is not good for health. You eat good food, real food, foods that properly cook and not mere fats and sugar. I remember one conversation i had with a german muslim back then, he was asking me whether even mineral water had to obtain halal logo and i happen to carry with me a bottle of a local mineral water bottle, and walla! Its true, even mineral water had to be halal compliance. I mean, water by its nature is already clean…what more halal so why  do we need to put a logo on that? Do we have to find a halal logo if we were stuck in the middle of nowhere, and find a water resource ? I am not going to talk about that since it will invite more debates. All i am saying is that, we should not make our life too complicated, when it is already simple enough. Spare me the lecture. Then, lets not forget the recent 40000 bangladesh ‘ghost voter’s , which one of the post people easily shares back then were modified from a Bangladesh government so called official website, claiming that they did accept PM’s offer to get those Bangladeshi flying in. That is even more bizarre to bring in than the how MH370 gone missing, and yet the opposition did win in Kajang amidst the claim that its some distraction issue that the government are planning to distract the Malaysians here from the election. You won, so did you get 5000+ majority voters from ghost voters too? I do not like to talk about politics but sometimes people politicize things so ridiculously that they tend not to be able to make sense of what is logic and accepts blindly what others shares without properly going through what they got and think whether its true or not. Its our responsibility to filter the news we get before sharing it with others, else it will be fitnah. We are accountable to our own sins. Just because you think you are healthy and young, it doesn’t mean you can’t at any point be dead if Allah wants to. The world is merely a distraction and delay of the real world we are about to live forever. So when you say something to people, especially mean things, think, will it help them, will it change things , will it make things better, will it hurt them (if your purpose are only to hurt them …forget that. it only reflect how awful you are to others and to yourself). Careless words are the worst, for you can’t take back the words you say to others , sometimes even apologies wont help you change it back to the way you and the person were., and sometimes its too late to apologize because they might be gone….