When you understand what money is actually is you wont really pay much attention into gaining money. Money in this age may no longer rely on how much you make but with whom you make it.

Money by definition is anything of value that you agree on. 

Love can be a form of money, you may not put a price at it but you may value it so highly or cheaply to some. Some freely gives out their love or falls in love just about anyone who gave them the slightest attention, even if they do not treat them the way they deserve to be treated

But like Stephen Chbosky says “We accept the love we deserve”

So perhaps they felt that they do not deserve someone better than them that they settle for whoever willing to accept them – even if it means – changing who they are into someone who they are not.

We negotiate love as much as we negotiate the stuffs we buy, some aren’t even negotiable because you have to accept the whole package – even the defects because as it says “Terms & Condition applies”

Recognition are also a form of money, we want to be recognized or known – that our existence matters to people whom we yearn for their attention. It can be from a father or mother, friends, colleagues, employer, and the list goes on.

And so we again, negotiate and put our own value towards what we want to be recognized as. We work hard to be recognized, even if you are an artist, they work hard going for shows, creating musics that either caters the majority taste in music or create their own music regardless if people like it or not as long as they like it.

I feel sorry sometimes to the musicians in Malaysia, they work hard to gain such attention , resorting to cheap publicity stunt, or wear in a certain way that can be most appealing but never – original. Stop trying too hard in gaining people’s attention and focus on making your own music that can highlight your own talent.

Friends, are also a form of ‘money’. For me, its not how many friends you have that matters but who remains your friend after all these years. Even if it means one or no one at all. You are blessed if you have more than one true friend. But stop trying to make so many friends, like adding so many people on your friend list to whom you either never or hardly talk to. Focus on few close friends one at a time, keep in touch once in a while, ask them how they are, ask them not through facebook or whatsapp, call them , see them, spend time with them.Have real conversations. And see how it will change your life.

Its hard to keep in touch often, but who says you have to contact them everyday? True friends don’t need to be contacted every day, they simply know that they always have you as a friend.

Networking are also a form of money, a vital currency especially. Never take the people or strangers that you encounter and have opportunity to talk to pass by. Unless of cause you have a bad day but if opportunity arises , just go ahead and be the first to say Hi. Even with a mere cleaners, or taxi drivers, you can learn so many things from their life. Strangers are friends you’ve never met..but of cause with caution that they may also be stalkers but reserve the doubts first and let them surprise you. Who knows it could be your future bff’s or husband/wife tralalala~

Neighbours per say, are also one of the most important ‘currency’. Being good with your neighbour and caring for your neighbourhood is as important as caring over your friends. They are after all the closest family you can turn to when you don’t have anyone at home to help you or look after your home when you are out. This I find a depleting within our society, for when we rely on foreigners to guard our home , they may or may not protect your home even after you have paid the money. But neighbours lives in your neighbourhood for as long as you know. Unless they have to move out,but never take for granted of your neighbours.

And the famous quote: Time is money 

So how you spend your time are also valuable.

Our health are also ‘money’ by itself – you even have to ‘pay’ to be ‘healthy’.

And I could write a long  list of this on and on but really, what is money  when you dont have anyone to share with?  Or worst, when you are all alone on your deathbed with no one but the nurses you paid and the medical bills to pay?


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