Fairytale vs Reality

One time when i was so down i try to look for a happy movie in my movie collection and found none, i was so into serious, thinking, kind of movies that i dont have any movie collection that can make me happy. Everything was just reality, which of cause we do need to be realistic but theres nothing wrong to get away from it sometime.

It was then i came to understand why some people watch chick flicks, or those typical malay movies or drama that i hate and wonder why people are watching it. The answer was simple, they just want to escape from reality no matter how nonsense the story line can be.

Or to be exact, they just dont want to think because they have been thinking a lot when they were at work and just want to come home for a nice show on tv/movie

Its like they get to see what they hope a better world could be, even if it means seeing a good looking rapist marrying their own victim. Its almost the same as Brother Grimms version of Sleeping Beauty whereby Prince Charming were raping Aurora in her sleep and married her.
But that version were not so popular as much as the Disney’s of cause.
Still it showed how the majority people in this world still love a good fairytale compared to reality.


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