So this just happened

And I’m like:

directionersliife:    Thank You to 60+ Follower   I like love you guys.

I don’t really check my stats so I was surprised to see how much they have grown for the last 5 years since I made this blog.  All I can say is thank you for your time spent here, I hope whatever I share here is beneficial for you as much as I have benefited from writing in this blog.  I know that some of you may just stumbled across this blog as you were looking for something else, some stayed on and read my posts, and perhaps some comes back to read more posts…….while most of you are silent readers, still I would like to thank my readers for spending their precious time to read the posts.  Even though the numbers are small but it made my day that somewhere out there,someone is taking the time to read my blog. (“,)




 I now know how come there was a sudden interest on my post Tun Dr M , thanks to Kelab Che Det for featuring that post, also to the rest of Tun Dr M fans for dropping by . It was a translated version of the original postings from another blogger:  peribadidrmahathir & ohcikgu  , since that it was written in Malay so I translate it into english so that more people can know their beautiful love story.  Feel free to share 🙂


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