So i was telling my mom about this stories about how people quit their job and travel the world, out of all, only one are a Malaysian, the rest are from developed countries. Which most of them have exchange rate about 3-4 times higher than the rest of underdeveloped country. Thats why they can afford to travel the world for more than 6 – 12 month travelling mostly Asia.

So it is not fair for one to say we should all quit our job and go travel the world because we also have borders and visa to pay to enter a country. Plus if everyone quits, then whos going to work? A doctor cant simply quit and travel the world, unless he’s volunteering to travel and treat sick patients around the world Back then, we dont even have borders making anyone who is brave enough to sail their ship or travel on foot or horse etc and just go off on an adventure.

In fact in The Malay archipelagoes or even other countries before borders were made, many young Malays who have come off age goes off to travel the world reaching as far as Capetown and probably even further. My encounter with a Sri Lankan Ph D student for example lead to knowing a new fact that there are at least a small percentage of Malays already residing before independence who came to Sri Lanka as merchants. They then became a big bussiness trader until now making up the population of Sri Lanka about 2%? So coming back to Malaysia in present time, it is rare for Malaysian to be able to afford to travel.

Among few i heard of, is the guy who cycled around the world, puts up his travel experience on the blog asking for funds at the same time. The other is the Malaysian family who wants to come back to Malaysia by driving a caravan all the way from UK. Their car broke down halfway and had to fork out a lot of money to repair it,thankfully a local muslim can fix it at a cheaper price which save them from getting broke. It wasnt an easy ride home too since they still met a few more obstacle before safely returns home. If you notice from the article, only the Malaysians…and very unlikely for those from developed country to return home after travelling. Which lead to my mom saying this: The fact they did not return to their home country indicates that they were not happy in their home country to go back to. Unlike the Malaysians , they still love their home country no matter what. So they will return home after their travel, because they felt that they have travelled enough so its time to go home.

I find this rather true because although i love travelling but i still love my home and my family that i left back home. Even after a a month of travelling i felt tired by the endless flights and bus rides as well as feeling rather homesick to want to go home. Perhaps because i have been travelling non stop for a month back to back hopping from one house to another ( i stayed in peoples home that i am in contact with) but i did not feel at home no matter how nice they were to me. After all, apart from that travel, i was already staying in another country for four month during my exchange, so i was yearning to go home already by then. If you read that book, im not sure the authors name, something like Into The Wild?

As awesome you think that guy is to simply take off and travel the world alone, he was actually running away from home that did not make him feel at home. The culture, the family fights, and pretty much a lot of things he didn’t like about where he comes from. His home were probably from his travel, but one thing for sure , he was running away from reality rather than facing them.

Because I believe that no matter how far we run, we can never run from ourselves.Our history will always catch up with you, somehow , some way, they will find you back at the same spot we left. So running away doesnt really solves the problem, taking a break, yes, but not too long, not too soon, but always, come home because our parents dont live that long to see us return home



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