“Pergi kedai buku, ada satu bahagian “Novel Islamik”, buku terlaris, “Suami Aku Ustaz”

Seriously I weep for humanity. For all the poor soul gullible enough to buy up such books..novels. I don’t know for others but I am strongly against reading books that degrades or makes fun of your intelligence.

There will always be people who is gullible enough to fall for anything with the added word ‘islamic’ , such as holy read water, when at one point people went berserk over ‘holy water’ being given to make all these muslims in Malaysia becoming murtad.

There’s sickness in this society, a certain kind of sickness that goes back to the time where priests were paid to ‘forgive’ people’s sins. I am not making up this, but it happened long ago before the renaissance where the church had too much power over lands and property’s. Holy priests, taking money to forgive people’s sins. I will not elaborate more on that.

But it worrys me, the state of the people now. People no longer sits with their teacher/ustaz’s in pondok (the pondok system were more respectable back then, now, all they are is just some exploited charity group, whom you will doubt if they are actually in need of money or just pretends to come from such and such pondoks. When a little kid comes to ask for alms for his tahfiz, my parents said thank you, signalling that he wont get any.

The person next to us, were surprised of our ‘refusal’ when we were merely refusing to support the chain of scams nowadays. We no longer know which one were true, and opt to give only to people whom we know directly are in need than strangers. I sometimes turn them away, sometimes would give some.

And now with the recent trend of abusive arranged marriage husband whom they eventually fall in love despite their harsh, rude and violence against the women they married, people actually buys that, and so come all this copycat drama of the same theme. The irony is, people will actually be angry on the act of these men if they were to come out on news but loved them when they are made into dramas?

Come on Malaysians, you are better than this. Life is not a fairytale, and admit it, out of the millions of you watching these dramas, the one’s who actually marry movie stars won’t be you. Sure the cast may have pulled off such a great acting that you cry for your heroes and heroins, but why are we still falling for such dramas. Its been a torture enough to watch sinetrons and now this?

The first episode was enough for me to guess what the ending will be., in fact it have been so predicable that I could tell what would happen with a single trailer.

And i suppose, thats why ‘thinking’ movies don’t get a lot of hits. They simply can’t because most people don’t really want to think. I get it, you come home not to think any more than your own work, and relax your mind. But i guess, in the end, we can’t really change people’s mind unless they want to. So please, for the sake of your future generations, if you want your children to be bright and become successful and rich like all the superficial  Dato’s and Tan Sri’s in such dramas, at least stop watching those kind of dramas and just read a good book that doesn’t have such superficial drama. Fin


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