Homegrown Revolution

“If you grow food, its empowering. In fact i think growing food is the most dangerous occupation on this earth, because you are in danger of becoming ‘FREE

We must say to ourselves, we can do something, Don’t look for others to change, you start by changing yourself. The government can’t do it, and the cooperation wont do it. So we have to do is point finger back straight at us and ask yourself, what can I do? Because change begins with me.”

In another video it says:

This family of four lives $30,000 a year, they never buy fuel, instead his son makes it out of vegetable oil he collects from local restaurants and it cost them a dollar to make it.

“Do you feel your in poverty?”

“I don’t feel poor, I feel blessed, I feel rich.”

“Growing your own food is recession proof, you don’t have to worry about the prices. if you depend on it, you become powerless”


This may seem extreme, but it was normal back then to grow your own food, instead of buying it. Instead, we have become so into this consumerism that we buy things we want, and not need.

The reason why things were so cheap back then, because they don’t rely on supermarkets or shopping malls to get what they need. Most part of the world, we used to grow our own veggies, rear our own chickens, cow and perhaps go fishing.

Of cause in this modern age, it seems hard to live in such way anymore, when we are stuck inside four walls.  House price sky rocketing, and we don’t have much land to grow these veggies. But, there are options, like hydroponic per say. The rest we need to find out how to do it, plus its just a google away.

The main problem is not about the cost of living getting high, but how we live in such a high maintenance way of living. There are certain things that we can go back to and live within our means.

I particularly agree, a government can’t do it, cooperation will never do it, but we can by changing the way we live and go back to being a community based rather than individual based.

I remember talking to my grandma, about how grandpa used to share his earnings to buy plot of lands with his siblings, and grow their own food, fish their own fish, and importantly meat was only eaten during festive season like Eid, or weddings.

On contrary, we eat meat almost everyday, and chicken were dirt cheap, because its factory made, and not free range. Food were not wasted because what they couldn’t finish, they gave it to the chicken, or cat (its debatable about all those cat food in the market, even those cat food, some of them were not properly manufactured, it stinks! even my cats don’t eat it! who knows how it was processed)

Too often we eat processed things, that takes away all the nutrients out leaving us only preservatives. So what’s left? We eat junks of fast food instead of properly cooked good food.

Then, we start to get diabetes easily and the whole lot of package that comes with it. We think only for the easy and fastest way without taking a good thought of how we eat will effect our health. We are what we eat.

Even scientifically, you can know what the person have been eating through their teeth and bones. I think i read a research on how they found out what people in certain part of the world eat, for instance corn. And corn, in US is pretty big business, especially the fact some were GMO’s (genetically modified). So you are not actually eating real corn, but a modified version. I even came across things like, some meat in China were injected with some antibiotics and what not just to get the meat there fatter. And if you follow food revolution, you will know why Jamie Oliver is so concerned about the health of the kids in US what more in Britain.

If that’s not enough , go and find out more of how chicken was made , thats we are eating, and thats why we get sick easily and all that. Remember, what is injected into the chicken also ‘injected’ to us indirectly through what we eat. So what chance do we have now?

I’m not a vegetarian, but i know for sure that we ought to eat right, and by eating right, we need to eat the right kind of food that you don’t have to pay so much on it, by growing one.

I don’t buy those organic food, somehow i still think its capitalized under the name of ‘green’. Because i believe that, if a food do not have all the preservatives and added chemicals or injections, they should cost less and somewhat affordable..

All it takes is just some time to grow some of it , if not all, and it does taste different when you eat what you grow. Cause, you will most likely wont throw away your hard grown food. Also, its a good work out, rather than going to the gym in an air conditioning room. Like, seriously?

“The culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves. And you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it.”

– Morrie Schwartz


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