Introducing, our new family member…











Yup, my younger brother just got married last 5 December , we thought we saw  our late Tok Ayah when he first arrive all dressed up in peach on his nikah day. I was quite speechless to see him dressed pretty good that day lalala~

Time flies so fast that we didn’t start preparing for the wedding until like 2 weeks before wedding or so? Since its our fourth wedding, everyone were pretty relaxed about it compared to the first time. Alhamdulillah the food were enough for all, we even have Kambing Bakar, for Zharfan’s aqiqah (my nephew after Izzati) , the weather turn out good after a week of rain, dad was joking that he hoped it rain a lot now so that it wont rain when the wedding day arrive. Alhamdulillah all went well thanks to everyone involved.

So to the newly wed, well I haven’t manage to give any gifts yet now that my camera are broken so i can’t make wedding video yet, plus im already caught up with my research so that will have to wait until much later. Or perhaps i’ll have to find something else to replace my trademark gifts haha. For some reason, i happen to make wedding video for all of my siblings that people wonder how it will be when my time comes.

Oh well, when the time comes, will see…


Note: thank you for the well wishers and doa’s from everyone, either for the bride & groom, or for me. May Allah grant your doa too 😉


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