Sitinurhaliza – Medley Aku Cinta Padamu, Diari Hatimu , Kau Kekasihku LIVE Royal Albert Hall.

Sitinurhaliza – Medley Aku Cinta Padamu, Diari Hatimu , Kau Kekasihku LIVE Royal Albert Hall.

Most beautiful concert and the best so far i believe!

What i love about this rearrangement is that it shows how far she have grown from a ‘kampung’ singer who didn’t know how to dress by simply following what people suggested her , i mean she was 16 back then so its quite understandable not to know much about fashion. But then she started to choose her own dress and which suits her, she pretty much start to carry herself well slowly but progressively. So fast forward to today, just look at her !

What interest me most is how her vocal also grows, the way she sings are different from the way she sings 10 years ago- i remember it will always be April 1st, the day she started singing officially as an artist, can’t remember which year though. And pretty much grab most of the award in a row, hate her or love her, there is not a single year you would not wonder what kind of performance she will give this year or next year. She always come up with different performance every Juara Lagu (a singing competition for Malaysian artists)

She didn’t have much say in the beginning on what kind of song she can and cannot sing due to the contract i believe, so thats why most of her songs back then was mostly ballads, i kinda hate some of it because its too saddddd, still she made it sound good with her vocal.

I am saying that this concert were the best , because it was the peak of her stardom just before she got married. I can finally say that I have finally able to embrace that fact, i was still happy for her back then (just don’t look at her husband photo haha – that time). But why this concert were the best is because she really pull it off,and explore various range of her vocal,and gave a new breathe over her songs. There was quite a lot of high notes in her song which she pushed it even higher, her song alone , even if it sound all sad and all, its actually hard to sing if you have try singing it. Example: Aku Cinta Padamu, you’d be screaming your uvula out, there’s a base, and also soprano going up and down in between the song. Thats why most of the composer said that they made the song to fit only for her to sing, even the controversial dispute with Sharifah Aini could not reach her lungs into Siti’s level

Exhibit A: Hapuslah Air Matamu ABP 2003 <–love her hairstyle!!!

Then we come to Exhibit B: Tari Tualang Tiga 2005 ASK

After Cindai, she pretty much change the shape of the music industry, thanks to Pak Ngah (Composer) as well , you start to see traditional song being revived again (hoping for another CT with much fail) . Although some claim that Noraniza were the first to reintroduce traditional music, but it was CT that rebrand it. Just watch her Traditional song medleyof Cindai, Balqis, Nirmala in 2005

Then she pretty much rest from any competition to give herself some break as well as focus on her newly married life so she only appears on some major award show which people still anticipating for her appearance

Observe exhibit B : Ku Mahu in ABP 2007

There’s a development here where she integrate two different culture which is the Spanish/Mexican/Latin spice with the Malay spice. Which btw i hate the camera work here, every award show by whoever holding this camera or those in charge with which camera to zoom in or out should be fired! They kept missing out the important part with too many zoom out!

So you see, this is not just because I love Sitinurhaliza as a fan, but why i love her. But….i must admit, her songs after she got married have somehow change a lot that it did not really fit my taste…she can’t keep on relying on ballad song but who am I to say, because the market still want some ballad in their life that people still make such song.

But oh whatever , Viva Sitinurhaliza Forever!


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