‘The Doctor’ of Malaysia.


Hate him or love him, do better than he did without criticizing anyone by doing a better job than him, and you will have my vote and earn my respect. But if you only know how to criticize others just because they aren’t good enough in your eyes. Well that’s your problem, not mine.

If you do not agree with how we see things,  trust me, it wont go anywhere trying to convince me or argue endlessly who’s right or wrong.  And I get nothing by what you think of what I should or should not believe.

There is no denying the fact that it is thanks to him,  I can reach my campus via the bridge that many were against its building – what more ask for a second bridge & a tunnel? Or going to and from even the East coast on the highway which used to take us almost a day or more with our own picnic basket and a visit to the nearby bush.

And whoever you have become today, was also a product of his ideas  that helped to bring Malaysia to where we are today. At certain point, even the foreigners Ive met have heard of his name first more than Malaysia. That’s not just a coincidence, its an identity thats have always been in him wherever he goes, he brings Malaysia with him.

There are so many reasons why I respect and admire his leadership, but if there is one thing about him that have been his strongest attributes is his belief towards Malaysia’s ability to stand on its own feet and spread its wings to other countries.

Despite his critics, he proved them wrong with his actions and live up to his words. Sure there may be some bad decisions, but there was also many good decisions that he have manage to bring us out of the crisis, not just once (in the 80’s) but twice financial crisis (in the 90’s) leaving Malaysia in pretty good condition before retiring honourably.

Salute to the best Prime Minister of Malaysia so far!



(Yes ! That means whoever after him have a lot of work to do to even reach the benchmark he left, or make their own!)



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