Chuck Palahniuk on Journalism

“I think there’s two type of writers, one is the writer – writer, who comes up through academia and maybe can just write like crazy and knows everything about writing. But they have very little access to story. Typically they have their own story. They’ve got a memoir, or they’ve got one great book and thats it.

An then, the other type of writer, they tend to move forward, are writers who come up through journalism, and they write very simply, they are not really sober writers but they tend to have a really great ear for story, they recognize a fantastic story the moment they hear it, and they find a way to turn that story to a larger story, so they are really great listeners, they are very sort of simple plain spoken writers, and I really do prefer the journalistic writers, and thats what I am, my degree is in journalism.

Studying journalism is a kind of studying listening. and also developing discipline, so that you spell correctly, you can meet deadline…


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