There’s this blog that makes a topic to write about on their: Daily Writing Prompt . and today i decided to write about her.


It felt like just another day, the birds sang, the sky was blue, the cars passing by, as if nothing happened.

But the bed was empty, the wheelchair was folded, and no matter how many times I look, she will not be there. If when she was alive, she was silent most of the time, this time, it felt like the world was even more quiet than it was when she was still alive.

At least when she was alive, I could still see her gazing out the roads outside our home every morning and evening as she takes her stroll on the wheelchair. Or hear her biting over the bits of cracker or her meals every now and then. Or hear her coughs, spitting out the phlegm in her chest.

And the sight of her, every time we go back to visit her during weekends, gave such a warm feeling that we are home, that she will always be there waiting for us. Even though she don’t smile much, but her eyes was smiling over the sight of us.

And whenever we brought home her fave food, her eyes was gleaming with joy, and her finishing the food was a sign of how happy she was to eat her fave food.

Once, we brought home Pulut Durian, and even despite the Doctor’s advice, she quietly sneaked some extra bites over the Pulut Durian we brought. And when we had to stop her from eating too much Pulut Durian, her eyes showed sadness, we felt bad, but we had to stop her, because her body could not take more than a portion of it.

And we went home, only to know the fact that , she finish it all when we are not around. Thats who she is, she respects people’s wish, even if it hurts her, even if she had to stop eating, she respects us, even if she was older than us.

I miss her, I still miss her, even her silence, I still miss her silence.

Rest in peace grandma, its been quite a year since you left, but I still feel like you are still here waiting for us to visit you.

Al fatihah.


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