The other side of my university

I was walking around the campus and decided to snap some (A LOT!) pictures and found such beautiful things arpund my university that I haven’t noticed for the whole time I was studying here. And these are my fave pic’s

First of all the grasshopper which I came across while walking up the stairs at one of the lecture hall building. The grasshopper just sat there as if waiting to be snapped a picture of him lol!

Then by the time I reach the convocation field I came across this photo of a beautiful sun ray shining just below the Mahogany tree nearby which lead me to finding some ants working their way up the roots of the tree – base on my own experience, I don’t think I will disturb the ants anymore since the last time when I did poke on them, I got quite a hard bite on my finger which I caught on video while I was recording it lol!

And this little kid was adorable ! He/she.. I didn’t catch the name, but with the matching T-shirt of the mother, makes them even cuter ! They were the last person that I said Hi to a random stranger, asking if I could snap their picture.

Until then…


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