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“The goal of life is maybe just making someone happy”

Thai ads never fail to make you cry even if its just a Redbull advertisement. Man!!


Eid 2013

Eid 2013

Wishing everyone a blessed Ramadhan, and a lovely Eid. May all our deeds makes us more closer to Allah swt and helps us learn better through out the month of Ramadhan.

May we get more opportunity to celebrate Ramadhan again in the future and may we gain lessons from our past month.

This month have been quite a challenging month, hence all the controversies in Malaysian news and recent shootings events. I hope that everyone is safe especially on the road, drive safely and don’t rush. Just enjoy your journey okay?

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin, everyone! (“,)

Maxis Raya 2013 Ads

A very thoughtful video from Maxis, reminds me of the Disconnect to Reconnect ads from Thailand (

Which I believe applies to most of us who have turn to using smartphone to connect mostly online, but probably neglects the ones we should be connecting with in the real world.

So in response to this, I am also disconnecting myself from the internet through out the Eid, insyAllah. Its a good thing that my grandma’s house don’t have internet and I am not using smartphone to keep me plugged.

Anyway, thats optional to others, perhaps you may need to be online on important business but don’t forget to catch up and talk with your relatives especially the elder generation that is still alive.

Sooner or later, you will realize that , you are the ones whom people will be visiting you instead – that is – and only if – you maintain a good relationship with those around you, else, the only place you will be visited is the old folks home. Now that would be a sad thing, right?

That will be all from me


Sadaqa Box: Dinar Dirham

A French muslim travels all over the world for 2 years starting from Makkah to Madinah and 50 other countries. Every week he sleeps in a different mosque, in a different city and interviews the Muslims there to show the reality of Islam and show the Muslims as they are, through the videos he makes.

This time, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & look at what they got in their Sadaqa Box?

For more info: