Saving 10 000 Winning A War on Suicide -in Japan

Yukioshige was a policemen, sent to work in Japans infamous most suicide location
His job was often to go out in a small boat, and fish the remains of the victims out of the sea.
In one month he recovered 10 bodies and wondered:

“Why did nobody to ever try to stop people from jumping?”

When he retired he came back , and try to do something.He uses his retirement money to open a tiny cafe near the cliff edge. From there he patrols, everyday, all day

“In the case of traffic accidents, its the responsibility of the police. The prevention of traffic accidents,is a law and order issue.The police took the leading role, in trying to reduce the number of traffic accidents. The government and citizen work together. Today the number have fallen.

Looking at suicide in Japan, there have been 30000 death every year for the past 12 years. Despite this high number of death, nobody takes responsibility or action This is just a desperate situation, if we can’t force the government to do anything, we the ordinary people can try to do something.

So I managed to gather some people, now I have 87 volunteers working with me. About 20 of them patrols the cliff with me. So far by doing this for 6 years and 7 month, we’ve been able to save up to 297 lives up to today

This cliff here is the number one spot for suicide, often people are waiting here alone until sunset . They’re just sitting here, waiting for somebody to talk to them. We go over and talk to them.

We ask them what is troubling them?And we try to solve their problems. From the 297 people we rescued, only 4 of them killed themselves afterwards. The rest are doing well and have made a new start.

Nobody wants to die, they’re just waiting for help. Why don’t we try to reach out to help them? A citizen life is priceless, its a treasure isn’t it?People are begging for help aren’t they? Why are we not reaching out our hand to them?

If you just look the other away , thats just the same as a crime. Its an aggravated abandonment crime. Thats a crime, its the same as murder.
We already know the answers, we know exactly what to do but we choose to do absolutely nothing.

“Its not up to the government, blaming this or that, sometimes all you need to save somebody’s life, is to take the time to listen. If we are looking on the enemy on the war on suicide, all we have to do is look on the mirror.



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