Mind your own business

Funny as it may be, a friend of my father joked about Generation X to be a stable generation compared to Generation Y, simply because , generation Y only have one leg to stand on. I believe there is some truth in it for they are much much more stable in leading their life than us, who will always wonder what our future will be.

Changing from one job to another, or to the creative ones, will have to create their own job that they are passionate about and succeeds. But it can also fail too if you don’t have the skills to it, and simply follow the trend. Resulting to disastrous mistakes or perhaps mistakes that will take you to a different path instead.

Generation X are those who was born in a time where the government needs them instead of them needing the government. A series of uprise and demonstrations can be seen through out the years such as the Vietnam War, or the workers strike. But in generation Y, it is almost impossible to make a strike when the workers are paid through contracts, or big companies opening up their franchise all over the world.

Generation X, according to my father are a generation where companies were run by family members only and not foreign share holder. Skills were taught and handed down from one generation to another, even small business like cooking in restaurants or hawker stall were passed down with much secrecy to only family members.

In this generation, the recipe’s are handed down via franchise of fast food, through a timed alarm clock, whereby the next order were given within a number of minutes. “We will serve you in 5 minutes”


Many don’t have that much time to cook a proper meal, working late because they still have something to finish, and a lot of other reasons that reduces their time with family.

Generation X however, are fortunate enough to either have a 9 – 5 job where they can go straight home without getting stuck in the traffic jam too long and spends time with their kids more. Some could even go back earlier than that because they run their own business or seasonal job where you only have to work at a certain season and rest in another season like the fishermans, the paddy planters, rubber tapper etc.

Generation Y however, don’t have that. Their time depend on the company workload, deadline and even company events. Why? Because they are working for a share holder lead company that can fire you anytime they want if you don’t perform. Thus resulting into a very nasty competition among workers into becoming the best or getting the highest target. Family run companies however, takes care of each other’s welfare and don’t easily get threatened by the younger manager because they are blood related, therefore they pretty much know who they are dealing with. If they don’t like about a person, they can talk it out as a family instead of superior to worker.

The disintegration of almost all units, from family, to community have lead us into becoming such an individualistic person that we only bother about each other if we know them. Many will say “Mind your own business” , but when one day, an old person dies in his own home after a few weeks, after a bad smell comes from that house, do you still say “Mind your own business?”


 Back then there are still a strong sense of community where people actually takes care of each other, even if they live in a small, poor neighbourhood, but that is how everyone almost know everyone in the neighbourhood that when a stranger they have never seen will instantly be stopped or ask of who they are.

Recalling what my grandmother said, even festivals such as ‘kenduri’ or weddings, is very community like, where everyone brings their own chicken , vegetables, and even lends their plates and glasses , and help with the cooking. Therefore, catering was rather a foreign idea at that time, the cost of a wedding were shared by the community and is actually a celebration among them rather than a stage show of who have the best wedding or food or goodie bags.

Relatives of the family lives almost near to one another that sometimes there’s even one street lived by the same family. This happens in both of my family side, one in the northern, the other in the southern. So whenever its Eid time, it was so easy to visit one another because you just have to visit one or two streets and you are done with the whole Eid.

Nowadays, everyone live almost every part of the country, which makes it hard to attend and what more help with the wedding preparation. So you have to do it yourself, and rely on wedding planners, or nearby services making all the cost totally on you.

And when it comes to connections, while it is convenient to have facebook to get in touch with our family members, but the reality is, most of us only knows the updates of our family members from facebook rather than calling them up or visiting them.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many may not come and help you when you are in trouble, what more donate to other muslim country because we are too busy ‘Minding our own business”



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