Super Saturday 2







We started our day with some  vegetarian spaghetti , at Cafe 55  , if not because I don’t like cheese, this would be a knock out. I am still not over with the first Aglio Oglio with grilled Salmon that I tried before, but I decided to try something else this time (Even though it looks the same without the cheese and Salmon haha). Since we are going to have more food afterwards, we didn’t get some coffee because we wanted to have it afterwards for tea at another cafe.


Apparently, you can’t put in too much food in a day, so we ended up not having our coffee and tried out the Ice Ball instead. It was so hot, so obviously this is definitely something you want to melt in your mouth. I can’t remember the facebook page, though. The Ice Ball shop recently opened in front of a glass art gallery, can’t remember the road name but its called 70’s. This is the smallest ball, for RM1.50 (extra 50 cent for additional flavour).  Unfortunately I did not eat with my hand, its quite messy so there’s a plate if you want to hold it. This one is Mango flavour, they have rose, lychee, sarsi and some other.  I thought its the first ice ball shop to open here, but I did some googling, and turn out there’s another one near the Penang Teochew Famous Chendol. Maybe I will try that some other day. hehe


As for the rest of the pictures, I will update later since my cable is not with me right now, this was taken from my phone.




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