Super Saturday 1

If you notice, my previous title is Super Saturday 2 , instead of 1, but chronologically, this happen last Saturday. Went down to esplanade for the Georgetown Festival for :

1. Kite Making Workshop

Unfortunately I was late to sign up by the time I got there, since there was a lot of kids around so I didn’t mind not being able to fly my kite or make one. I think i still remember how to make that, just that I haven’t been doing that since ages ago. Maybe one day I can try to fly it with my niece. Anyway here is some sneak peek of the kites, will update more later.

2. Drum circle

I was supposed to meet my friend by then but with a slight miscommunication we couldn’t find each other, so I end up joining this workshop instead. Its not exactly a drum but more to percussion drums and different type of bells. They taught us at least 3 simple beat, which by then I just bang according to the rhythm because I can’t remember the beats anymore haha.  Unfortunately I didn’t stay in for the finale where everyone will be performing in front of the Chief Minister because it will be too late for me to go back  home when you take the bus. The best time to go back is before 5pm, else, you’d be caught in traffic jam and you have to squeeze with the rest of the workers going home.  Trust me, you do not want to be sardined in that condition!

Before that, I manage to check out the art gallery above China House , take the white stairs at the left side of the building instead of the steep metal stairs if you are afraid of height. I’m not afraid of height, just that its too steep even for a petite person like me hehe. These are some of the interesting art I find, apology to the art maker for snapping this pictures, I did not realize that you can’t take a picture until after that.  Still this is an art worth the share, below are a picture of former Prime Minister of Malaysia , Tun Dr Mahathir and the other one I think is Three Stooges. I hope I get the facts right, the artist who made these is Daniel Brinsmead for his Romancing Melaka art show

For tea, I had Mee Sotong (Fried Squid Noodles) near the cafeteria in Padang Kota Lama with coconut drink. Nothing beats a nice coconut drink after sweating so much under the sun.  Seriously Penang is getting hotter by now, not sure if it had anything to do with the balding hills around Penang Island which one of them you can see all the way from the bridge already. Hopefully the Chief Minister will do something about it, since after all, they were all about a “Greener Penang”, as much as the guppy plastic is one of the sponsors for that orange guppy fish shaped plastic , I don’t think that is ‘Green’ way to go with what Penang are going towards.

As I went back here is some nice sunshine to marvel the God greatest creation! There is so much beauty you can see every time you come here, another beautiful mosque is the Lebuh Acheh Mosque, as usual, pictures later.


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