Terima Kasih Malaysia.

“Kemenangan ini adalah kemenangan rakyat Malaysia, bukan parti, tetapi rakyat Malaysia sudah memilih apa yang terbaik untuk Malaysia” – My Parents

(This victory is a victory for the Malaysians, not party, but the Malaysians have chosen what is best for Malaysia)

The question is not about phantom/ghost voters, but the silent majority, who is sitting on the fence. They are the major decider, both in 2008 and 2013. They have made their decision based on what they think is best for Malaysia and who can deliver the best service for Malaysia.

Despite anything most of the claims comes from social media, which is still unreliable, any photo’s , video’s can be manipulated to certain people advantage or disadvantage. Although some may not trust the mainstream media but at least they are tied to the law and will be careful enough not to publish something that have not been verified. The internet on the other hand are too free  without any control or self-censorship, some page was found to be spreading false news, for example these claims that the Bangladeshi PM officially confirms that there are Bangladesh citizen who was given the right to vote in Malaysia

taken from Revolusi Anak Muda Malaysia (R.A.M.M.)

However, when I searched myself about on the 66th World Islamic Economic Forum mentioned in the article, there was no such Forum. The actual forum will held their 9TH World Islamic Economic Forum on 29 – 31 October 2013, and it was formed since 6 March 2006, so how is it possible that the Bangladeshi PM just came back from the 66th forum? Plus, the acronym for the forum are actually (WIEF) http://wief.org/ and not (WIFE).

Whoever did this, certainly have a bad intention in making the situation worst. But what is even worst is how easy people believe and share something on facebook or any social network, without checking it first whether or not it is true or false.

So, please have  good thoughts, because  even places such as Lembah Pantai said to have phantom voters, did not stop the PR from winning in that area and the rest of other state won by the PR. So can we say that these phantom voters were actually voting for the PR instead? And  its a pity that everyone were so obsessed of catching ‘ghost’ that they attacked the wrong ones , such as the case of the Malaysian citizen who have a chinese name because he was adopted by a chinese family. In this globalized world where inter-racial marriage are evident, we cannot deny the fact that not all Bangladeshi are foreigners. Let us not forget that there are also a lot of Malays whom their family origin are from Sumatera, Jawa, Aceh and a lot of places from Indonesia. Some of the chinese here was also from  China, some lives in Singapore, so can we say that these phantom voter are from China /Singapore or even Taiwan or Hongkong too?

For  the muslims, win or lose, it have been decided long before by Allah from Allah, and the election are merely a reason to make  His decision happen. What is good comes from Allah, what is bad comes from our own flaws.

Let us pray that either side of the party do their best job in making a better performance. This is not the end, this is only the beginning.

Thank you Malaysia.



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