A date with Penang

Had a lovely date with Penang today,started my day with a beautiful sunrise and ended my day with SubhanAllah! a beautiful sunset was shining on the Penang bridge all the way along the other side of Penang, followed by a rainbow at the other side of it.
Wish I could take a picture of how magnificent is His Majesty’s creation, but sadly I could only capture it in my eyes! Glory be to God, the King of the Kings! You always manage to surprise me every time I visit you Penang, definitely suit its name as the Pearl of the Island. Such a hidden beauty that , once opened, you see Pearls glittering from the inside of its shell!

What I love most about Penang is that wherever you are,you always discover things that you can never expected. By this I mean, rediscovering actually for I wasn’t really raised here and move around a lot as I was growing up. So I didn’t really know much about my hometown (yes thats where I am from) until I am back home where I belong.

Seriously you don’t have to travel anywhere to europe when europe is already right here in front of your eyes (best travelled by foot/bus to really be able to appreciate this). Penang used to be a trading port during the British era where you get a lot of Europeans coming here for trade though not as big as Malacca Sultanate and ironically its still is a trading port in modern times (and now even busier that Malacca!)

Okay I sound like a travel writer by now haha, but seriously I just take a bus down to the Masjid Kapitan Keling and just walk wherever my feet takes me to. After several times, you can remember the roads , though still not good with roads if by car, trust me! ;P
And if you pay attention carefully, you will hear music from the sounds of the shops and roads and even the smell of food cooking all over in between road side. And what more better way to discover if not through the foods?

For the strong stomach an adventurous, feed your tummy with street food, though for muslims it would be hard to try all kinds of food due to the non-halal status. But you can always have Nasi Kandar haha but sadly enough i am not a fan
For today, I am up for a treat for its been a while since I had a good proper meal, I guess that was one of the reason why I was having trouble to keep my weight lately lol!
Explored quite a nice place around the blocks, will keep all those places in my list to visit next time hehe. And accidentally came across an old coin shop for those who likes to collect old coins , seriously the arrays of choice is simply irresistable. Bought the cheapest coin I could afford and since that the coin collectors in Malaysia pretty much know each other, I got myself a discount for asking too many curious question about its history haha. Yes I love history, and no its only boring if you get a boring teacher 😉

This is my newest collection , copper coins by the Caliphate at that time, not sure who it was referred to but the owner said the name’Malik Al Adil’ is actually a title referring to Sultans who is a ‘Just’ King so it could be any body around that era. The full history behind it is unknown since there’s a debate on whether it is minted by the Sultanates in the place they thought it came from with another Sultanate that exist even bigger than the Sultanate mentioned.
Either way, all Sultanates are related either by marriage, power or diplomatic ties especially the fact that at least they are connected through marrying off Prince & Princess or relative of the Sultan or Queen of the Sultanate to each other’s Kingdom, so there is no question of who’s who when they are one Nusantara or Malay Archipelago at that time (personal opinion, may differ with others) even the common people married with locals from other side of the world so from top to bottom they share similar root which is being Malays.
I got these for a discounted price: RM12 plus the owner help to renew an old Ringgit (made of silver weigh 2gram plus!) coin that I first bought since the plastic cover are a bit torn for FREE!!

Then, I pass by this new home made grilled burger shop which have a nice scribbles on their walls by previous customers, who have very creative talent to draw all those drawings.

Finally, after waiting the rain to stop for a while, I went home and past by the coastal side where I could see the Penang bridge and all that stuff I said earlier about sun set gliding down illuminating so majestically but could not be captured in camera for I was in the car and aren’t allowed to stop for its too dangerous to stop. I even get to see the rainbow afterwards, and was still chasing the sun set by taking detours at some of the hill side to get a better view of the sunset.
How can i not thank the rain from falling for without it, I would not be able to see such a beautiful rainbow and sunset reflecting its light upon my eyes. I could not as for more except thank God for giving me the chance to have such a beautiful day from morning till dawn.


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