Penang Street Art Hunt!

Ernerst Zacharevic  the man behind the mural street art.

I have so far collected 9 out of 10, but the heart break mural was taken separately in another trip with my friend by coincidence , but as for the rest was collected yesterday with a friend of mine who decided to pop up spontaneously haha damn it was like amazing race against time because she only have till 6pm the most to go back to the airport on her last day here.

We started our ‘hunts’ around 11am and ended around 4pm BY FOOT!!! We were already exhausted to find the last one at the other end of the road because we wanted to catch Life of Pi by 4.45pm at the nearest cinema, the movie ended almost 7pm though haha so she had to take a taxi who was waiting for her already and head straight to the airport and manage to arrive just in time to board the plane lol! Anyway, it was worth every steps!

The mural street art was not painted without any reason, it was painted based on how the painter saw Penang around that area, also the paintings will always be located at the major tourist attraction like the Chew Jetty, Masjid Kapitan Keling and a lot of other place.

We kinda got lost towards the last two mural , we were looking for the Chew Jetty but walked so far towards the Swettenham Jetty instead and U turn to Chew Jetty again… ON FOOT, when actually there was a short cut from Masjid Lebuh Aceh already.

But the good thing is that we discovered quite a nice food place to eat which I will explain later in a separate post.

I got back just in time for the rain to pour so heavily that I had to wait for my friend to pick me up for almost an hour, had some soup & rice before taking a warm bath and soaked my foot on a warm water before I went to sleep. Seriously, I think I can just make my own Penang walk trail for those who is up for a long walk + food +street art hunt lol! Ive already have a few ‘customer’ waiting in line ;P

check out how he made the mural (x)

for those who is looking for the street art, look for these streets:

This Old Man: Armenian Street, near the T junction of Kapitan Keling Mosque
Little Children on a Bicycle : Armeneian Street, straight up after the Living History art shop, drop by for direction & souvenirs from the cashier, she’s very helpful with direction!
Boy on a Bike & Little boy with Dinosaur: Ah Quee Street, the mural was painted just side by side so you can kill two bird in one stone
Little Girl: Located in Muntri Street , the same line with a very chic hostel called Ryokan for backpackers with affordable price & air conditioned!
Children in a Boat Mural: Chew Jetty which you can just go straight to the end after collecting your mural at Armenian Street towards Gat Lebuh Armenian
Cannon Street near Lebuh Aceh Mosque

And the last one The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler Mural are located at the end of Penang Road towards the Cheong Fat Tze Mansion which we were already too exhausted to find it after having our Penang Famous Teo Chew Cendol & Penang Laksa near Chowrasta hahaha. Anyway, that will be save for another trip along with the new mural at Step By Step Lane which we forgot to find haha.

However I forgot already where I took the heart break mural lol! It is near Love Lane or maybe after that, so go figure! 😉


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