‘A’ is just an Alphabet

“A lot of people look at life as not their own self discovery journey and just the destination” – My Abi (dad)

This was something we discuss the other day when we read the recent news about UPSR student who ran away and found hiding from their parents bcoz they didn’t get 5A’s. What is worst, some even felt they are not good enough bcoz they only got 4A’s only instead of 5A’s

This is even more obvious when they get to PMR, SPM STPM until they graduate which then counted into pointer’s instead. A very good reason that the ministry wants to abolish one of these exam (Was it UPSR?)

And the sad part is that this is happening even as young as 12 years old for only UPSR which I never really bothered much on not getting straight A’s bcoz I know I my own ability. For those who is not familiar with Malaysian exam, well we have at least 3 national exam that needs to be scored until we are 17. phew¬!!

The thing is, I was very much grateful to my parents for not pushing me too hard on getting A’s. They know my own potential very well and don’t put too much expectation on me. One thing I learn from them is that when it comes to studying, it is better to be able to understand even little of it, instead of trying to remember everything but you don’t understand anything and just use it only for exam sake.

Honestly, I only got 4A’s an a C in Science. That was UPSR,  I was very surprised that I can pass math that I use to fail every exam, what more imagine getting an A? (I thank my teacher: Puan Zuriani for making me solve math in front of the class every time and for being strict on lazy student like me haha). As for Science, I was already happy that i even get a C, a subject that i never passed through out the year! English and BM was not very much a problem to me though.

But as the year goes, both in PMR until STPM , I never get straight A’s, just two A’s in subject that I really understand and the rest are just B’s, C’s and even D’s. Unofficially, I even flunked straight month in math that my parents have come to an agreement that when it comes to number, I am not the person who can compute that lol

I am not ashamed on the fact I am not good in math, it was not something that everyone can be good at. Because personally, I am the type that will question the Why instead of the result. My strength is probably not good in calculating things but perhaps more to understanding or explaining things that can’t be explained in numbers? For example, I was more likely to be interested when it comes to economy and history than math and all of his friend. Still , when it comes to Science, I enjoy experimenting but not deducting, at one point of my life, I did scored that subject but later as it gets too calculative, I only pass an average B. And, be it english or BM, i have always love writing and it help me to write better whenever I get to do essay.

The point is, we may do better in certain things that others don’t and we may not be good at other area that is not within our expertise. Whatever you are good  at, or not good at, or scored or even fail doesn’t mean that you are a bad student, but just not good at certain subject. It only reflect your own strength and ability in area’s that you are good at and not good at which we need to be able to recognize ,appreciate and embrace our own weakness and accept it just the way it is. Because if we can’t accept who we are, then who will?

Anyway, my point is, don’t be too hard on yourself (a reminder to myself too bcoz sometimes even I can forget this too) You have done your best, and whatever necessary to go through what you need to do, so just do our best and if it doesn’t work out , then try something else that you are good at and who knows will work out better?

Explore your own ability, accept it, welcome mistakes in your life, so what if you fail? Learn from it, be better at it if you can, but if you can’t ,try other subjects or area. Because….

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” – Rumi


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