7 thing you need to know about coming to Penang

Penang as it is famously known as The Pearl Of the Orient is definitely a melting pot, of almost everything: culture, history, language and everything nice. So here is some things to try when you are here (also for some of my followers to keep in mind if they are to come to Penang one day) 1. For Culture Lover Masjid Kapitan Keling, where you can just walk along that road till the end and marvel through the remains. They used to call it as Jalan Harmoni (Harmonious Road) bcoz you will find a mosque, a chinese temple, indian temple, and a church along that road. You can also try and simply get lost in between the road bcoz there’s a lot of hidden place that you’d be surprised it exist, I am not good with road so whenever I get lost there, look for the Komtar building, its the easiest way to find your way back plus its where the main bus station for all Rapid bus route, other than the Jetty. true heaven for backpackers and anyone who love travelling. *Penang Museum for those into history *Floating mosque & Masjid Kapitan Keling is two of my fave photo shoot. * Every month of July, Penang celebrates World Heritage UNESCO site ,there will be a lot of cultural performance and activity you can try on that day. Dates subject to the organizer, it also goes well along with the fruit season, yay! 2.For sea lover The Jetty, of cause, if you still have energy, you can walk from masjid kapitan keling to the jetty, its not too far away, just follow the rapid bus passing by haha. You can take the ferry back and dont go off and come back without paying a dime. This because, they only charge you from the mainland and round it up already for both way. Preferably during sunset, its best view for a photographer. 3. For nature lover Bukit Bendera, i dont really quite like it anymore even if they manage to make the cable faster, it was too fast to marvel the beauty of the nature. But you wont be dissappointed because as you reach the top, you can slowly walk along the hill and probably drop by some small cafe for some breathe air and coffee or ice cream. Best to come in the morning, preferably 7 or 8AM before the Q gets long and the mist dissappear from your view. Get your camera ready! Botanical Garden, well they have all type of flower species that you can take pictures of it, be careful with your stuff, there’s monkeys around that will snatch your food or attractive object to them. Penang National Park, is very near to Kerachut which I will explain next, here, is the place for campers,and beach lovers because there’s a boat that will take you to Kerachut or anything related to the sea, like watching sunset, fishing trip (If im not mistaken lah) and even BBQ. Kerachut, if you are lucky, you get to see turtle hatching, but you need to contact the person in charge for it since they are a protected species. Kerachut surprisingly still have a blue/green water that will take your breath away. According to my friend, I haven’t manage to see it for myself, but base on the pictures, it is confirmed. 4. FOOD lover! What is Penang without the food right? For Breakfast: Jalan Transfer , they serve the best roti canai with kuah daging, even me who is not a fan of mamak food enjoyed this very much. Except the fact that its located behind an old building, very close to the drain, and you should just keep looking up rather than down. Its not that gross, just that I can lose my appetite easily when I saw the dripping kuah on the periuk.

For Lunch: Urgh so many to choose from, it depends on what are you looking for, if you look for Nasi Kandar on the day, you’d be having that again at night. Still, if you love it too much then you wont mind another round of it at night kan? hehe Still,if you are tired of nasi kandar , you can try the Char Keow Teow, hurm this is tricky because there is good chinese Char Keow Teow or Malay Char Keow Teow so it depends. But here is some links that you can refer to: http://www.what2seeonline.com/ http://www.penang-online.com/pages/penang-hawker-food.php http://allaboutpenangfood.blogspot.com/ http://www.penangstreetfood.com/ Dinner: Seaafood fan, take this down: Hammer Bay, Teluk Tempoyak, (there’s another ‘Sampan’ towards the Jerejak jetty) , and for tomyam lovers, Pak Hussein Tomyam in Relau, and Bangkok Tomyam near Bayan Lepas Padang Brown, they also have Pasembur without anyone dancing heh, steamboat or cucuk-cucuk, and a nice Nasi Goreng Ayam, also they do have ais kacang (ABC) nearby . Nasi Kandar: Hameediyah – the soup, Kapitan for Briyani, Kayu Nasi Kandar – for the tallest Roti Tissue, and Nasi Kandar Beratur or Line Clear where you will definitely clean everything on it.And do like the penangnites, kuah campur/banjir where you mis almost every sauce available on top of your rice. Tandoori , i am torn between Subaidah and Kayu Nasi Kandar. Fyi, nasi kandar is quite expensive, starts from RM10 above so make sure you bring extra cash, or else just have roti tissue , or roti canai, naan which is much cheaper. Dessert: You can also get a nice fried banana @ goreng pisang at a road side near Taman Pekaka, they fry banana with some bijan/sesame seed on it. Simply scrumptious! Also available in : Stall along Jalan Hamilton opp Heng Ee School main gate, teatime 3pm, Roadside stall at Jalan Chee Seng in Tanjung Bungah Roadside, at Kampung Jawa, Bayan Baru Roadside, at Taman Pekaka, Sungai Dua Roadside, at Bukit Jambul flats, Jalan Bukit Gambir Credits to: penang-traveltips Penang Famous Teochew Cendol , seriously famous and delicious! They have at least 3 branch that I know of, the original one is the roadside stall near chowrasta which you need to walk up a little bit, you will see the stall just across the Police Station (Which i still can’t remember the name haha) , its in between two building, they have a small shop a few feet away where you can sit down and taste their authentic Laksa Penang or you can just stand and Q like the rest of the customer to get a feel of street food. After you are done, and its getting late and non-peak season such as school holiday, and the shop nearby almost close, you’d get cheap souvenirs. The second one is at Komtar Walk, for those who prefers air cond, or the one inside Prangin Mall, which ever you want.

Ais Kacang, they say the one near Padang Kota is good, and i tired it once, not bad, but there’s better ones , just that location wise, im a total failure 😛 Pasembur or pronounced as pasembuq , definitely Gurney Drive and Dancing rojak man really have some guts to dance while he makes his pasembur/rojak lol! There you can find almost everything you want Ice Cream, well I did found a home made ice cream shop nearby Masjid Kapitan Keling, its closer to a temple that i dont know its name. But there’s also a new ice cream shop recently opened in 1st avenue top floor where the cinema is located. If this doesn’t drools you, I don’t know what will haha (there’s a nice macaroon shop few stall away) For muslims who is concern about Halal, you can try posting up your Q’s here: Penang Halal Food (Jalan Jalan Cari Makan) . There’s just too many to choose, we have one of the biggest burger in Penang, grilled burger latest franchise have been opened near Ivory along the Nasi Kandar Istimewa Restaurant area, they have one branch in Sunshine if im not mistaken, and there’s a nice nasi ayam inside unshine for RM7 per plate,also I saw a Manchester United burger stall full of MU somewhere I can’t remember haha. Just refer the links I gave you,okay? 5. For night time lovers Well, other than clubs which I wont be promoting because I don’t go to clubs and would not want to be responsible for encouraging bad lifestyle but I do recommend good entertainment that doesn’t involve alcohol which is theatre that was recently opened : PenangPac , located in Straits Quay , one of the latest shopping mall near the port, you can watch boats parked infront of it. Or you can just visit the night market near Batu Ferringhi, they have a lot of DVD that you can collect,seriously not for those who have strong stand in buying original but good for collectors that can’t afford to buy too many original dvd hehe. 6. For book Lovers You probably want to get this book , I am in no way have any share with the selling of this book. The reason why I recommend this book is because is that they took the trouble to actually map out the food stall location which is the only thing i look forward to haha. But someone borrowed this book and never gave it back Secondly, there is at least two second hand book store , one near the junction of Komtar which you need to walk along it or the one somewhere after Love Lane because I only know it exist after i accidentally discovered in when I got lost in my own town haha. 7. Shopping Well what else right? Usually Komtar is a place where you can get your camera equipment, phone and laptop usually in Bukit Jambul have a better price. Gurney Plaza is like the KLCC of Penang, Queensbay is like the Midvalley while 1st Avenue is like, the new Paradigm Mall of Penang. But for those looking for Jeruk and Asam, kindly find your way to Balik Pulau. There’s a famous Laksa and Pisang Goreng stall around there. And right now is the fruit season for Durian again, other than in July/August which usually the fruit season. You may want to start with Rambutan and Manggis that is sweet with no strong smell like the Durian, they say: It smells like hell but taste like heaven😛


The rest, you can just google it yourself ehhe.

Note: All pictures taken from the internet except the Ice Cream, Laksa & Cendol


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