Why there is still wars and poverty in this world?

1. Surprisingly, wars is not about ‘conquering’ a certain country and ends there. Its a long term ‘investment’ to demolish a country and reconstruct using only the attacker’s company (sometimes using the local brand as the front label but check who is investing their company)

2. War IS business. By attacking a certain country enables a certain company perhaps the same company who have diversify their business from construction to healthcare, insurance, media, technology, military and so on, to sell their products, sometimes the same company are also the same company providing weapon to attack each other.

3. Now that a certain country have managed to ‘defend’ the said country who is under some sort of ‘tyranny’ or ‘cruel leader’ , they will replace their puppet via their local leader, observe to where the ‘new’ leader get their fund or use their fund towards. Sometimes these ‘tyrant’ or ‘cruel leader’ were their allies but once the people realize that these leader are ruining the country or perhaps these leader are no longer popular and useful to a certain party, their image will be build up to be tarnished and portrayed as a ‘tyrant’ and ‘cruel’ leader so that the people will rise up and brings down these leader without them even interfering, and be seen as if there is a ‘change’.

4. True, some countries may have oil or certain economic or natural resource interest that attracts another country to attack but its not really necessary, some countries are just threatening each other just to show their own power but none would really attack these country because they too have investment in that country, only the weaker country with oil will be attacked.

5. Wars, are hot news, it is vital, and necessary for some country to continue funding these war either to protect their own business and investment (long or short term). So it is crucial that these wars continues so that it can always create fear towards their citizen, it is common that bad news such as wars and poverty going on some part of the world being broadcast first before ending it with good news in their country so that the audience will feel safe and not worried about living in their country , a sense of safe so that people will not feel somewhat not bothered or use to seeing wars that they don’t feel anything when they see wars going on, they will continue feeling, “oh that will not happen to our country, im sure they will do okay because there are some funds channelled” when instead “we should not let that happen to other country while we are living so well here”


6. Funds, can only help so little, heal some wounds, help build facilities, and all, but will not stop the war. No president in the world no matter how charismatic they are      could be bothered to end any of the wars because they have a long term investment in certain country , some countries were purposely left in poverty so that they can continue give fund while at the same time do business. Poverty means, they don’t get proper education, they will remain stupid and believe that it is their fate to continue living in such poverty when in reality, someone else is benefiting from their poverty. No one really like a smart leader, they usually end up ‘brought down’ or assassinated.

7.  Since 1971 , Bretton Woods , currencies around the world no longer tied to 1 Ounce of gold for $35 Dollar exchange rate, before Nixon  decided to make sure that the currencies around the world are now peg into a piece of paper called ‘Dollar’ instead of gold. What happens after disassociating the paper money with gold? Vietnam War  can now be funded unlimitedly by printing paper money to pay for every barrel of oil, weapons and just about anything with a piece of paper. The same Dollar will devalue by 33% in 20 year time (Forbes) ,

“An increase of 2% a year over a period of 20 years will lead to a 50% increase in the price level.  It will take 150 (2032) dollars to purchase the same basket of goods 100 (2012) dollars can buy today.  What will be called the “dollar” in 2032 will be worth one-third less (100/150) than what we call a dollar today.”


What does ‘price level’ means?  That the price of goods and services will increase to 50% within 20 year times, ‘devalue’ means, that the paper money in ANY country you are living now will also devalue alongside the Dollar by 33% by 2032.

Now the math is kinda tricky if you aren’t from economy, so it was to me, but its as easy as what happens to your $50 you have today compared to 20 years ago, in fact, don’t look that far, just think of how many things you can buy today and compare it to last year, and think of what will happen to the same $50 you have , next year?

Since most of the currencies in the world is peg to the Dollar, that have been depreciating more than 100% since Bretton Woods, it is no wonder that everyone not just those in war are suffering economic problem, perhaps in the future you can’t even help these country by giving them financial aid any more, but YOUR own country needs the aid.

So don’t think that what happens to other country cannot happen to your own country, it can, just that not in the form of wars because there aren’t a lot of country any more that have a lot of natural resource

What is the solution for this? Go figure.


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