Sharing,teaching our knowledge to others allow us to understand better than what we already know, sometimes we could learn so much from others we share with, that was my father’s advice whenever i felt like being taken advantage in a group work or study group back then, it doesn’t make our knowledge less, when God will only enhance our knowledge.

That was what perhaps students nowadays don’t realize, they felt that they were taken an advantage when they were the one who had to give, or reluctantly had to teach others in a study group especially when the weaker students or those who tend to be taken an advantage of the smarter but soft hearted students to share their notes and whatever they know to them

I admit that I was that person, who was soft hearted and thus taken advantage of, for knowing more in certain subject. Either I seem smart behind my glasses, or they are just too lazy to find out on their own.

I remember a time when what was supposed to be a small study group by me and one or two close friend, end up to be 10 people in a study group. I felt like a lecturer or a tutor already to be giving out my notes to them, and my notes were usually notes that I can understand, also others could in a simple way to understand.

It was exhausting to translate from english reference book, carefully picking out the parts you need most, and rewrite it in your own words what you understand and then explaining to the rest of the group what you wrote and understand.

But that was what made me learn better , understood better, because i had to ‘extract’ a certain amount of knowledge, and refine it into a very simple and yet understandable note.

The thing is, as exam draws closer,and study group increase and grow bigger, and when it is all over,and the result came out, I felt somewhat happy that the people I once shared my knowledge with turn out good. A sense of satisfaction that what we went through, actually worth while ( I still won’t consider teaching in the near future, satisfying yes, but not something I would want to be tied on a 9-5 job)

Do not be greedy, do not even think that you own such knowledge, how can you claim such knowledge to be yours when you forget the Creator who owns the knowledge you obtain?

Nothing in this world is a mere coincidence or gained on our own, even if we want to sleep, we still need to walk to our bed , even if we want to eat, we still need to prepare the food or find a shop that sells what you want to eat, and all this have been carefully planned that we may find the place we would like to eat, it is only a matter of time in a day that we may feel hungry after having to do all the things we have to do before that.

Like my father once said, what if I tell you that the Wright Brother’s did not created Aeroplane but God did, He gave them the knowledge, the idea, and made it possible for them to fly the plane after so many attempts. (not the exact word but something like that)

Or even Ibn Sina (Avicenna) himself , did not wrote the book ‘The Cannon of Medicine’ and discovered so many medical treatment methods and invent medical related equipments without the mercy of the Creator. And his knowledge was written, and shared, taught to others so that it may benefit the following generations and improve the people’s health. There was no such thing as copyright then, how do you copyright from a knowledge you borrow from the Creator?

Well that is debatable if you all for science is not to be mixed up with religion, how can you call the mother earth and all the science in the world exist by itself without its Creator? Who created air when you could not see it unless you are in a cold weather and breathe air , or the morning mist, can it still be called as air and not a transformed particle of air, or is it just heat? I leave that to you to ponder

I am not here to argue, or debate about whatever you have in mind right now, all i’m saying is that know your Creator, and find out your own existence, that every time you understand something, acknowledge the real Creator and give thanks to Him for what you benefit from His mercy. May God increase your knowledge and benefit from this post.


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