Recap: August

It was Ramadhan month, it started slow in the beginning but end with me sick for the last week of Ramadhan.

My first few days during Eid started slow again, since I could not eat those lovely ketupat pulut, lemang and only opt for ketupat nasi.

Even Habbatus Sauda could not ‘protect’ me from falling sick, Ive been taking habbatus sauda for the past few month without getting sick.

But i guess,when you are always healthy for a long time, its probably not good either. Iv’e read somewhere that our body need to be sick once a while to build up its system back again. In Islam perspective, being sick usually referred as ‘kifarah dosa’ which means Allah wants to clean the sins we do, since usually when we are sick, we normally remember Allah more and appreciate our health. So it is a good opportunity to let our body rest as well as a reason to get closer to Allah.

Then, I was busy writing up my paper, it felt good to be able to finish one more paper (though I have to make correction after that thanks to one of my respondent who was helpful enough to give their feedback) So now, I am back to working on my research again. This time, in a more improved version. InsyAllah

As for now, will be going for a short vacation….take care~!


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