Writing: Heart vs Mind

Writing to me is therapeutic where you can channel whatever in your mind and heart. Sometimes the words doesn’t come from your mind, but your heart felt it, the mind just puts into words what our heart felt. Sometimes the mind speaks its own words and writes it down and the heart will either help or don’t help at all.

Sometimes when we are angry, we write based on what our heart wants to say and kept for so long. Sometimes when we are calmed, the mind writes based on what they think. And sometimes both of our mind and heart, speaks the same language and writes it effortlessly without having to think much.

The reason why I say ‘heart’ is because even our own heart have its own ‘mind’. They may not have the brain, but they have an instinct that thinks for itself.

And often the case we have to negotiate and decide based on either one of them or both. There are decisions where your mind and heart agrees with each other, but most of the times, its against each other.

Sometimes, the mind is right but their heart can be wrong. Sometimes their heart felt right, but the mind says they are going to make a mistake. But it is up to us to decide which one we should listen to.

But, whenever both our mind and heart synchronize and finds comfort with each other’s opinion, you know you have made the right choice.


“No thinking – that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is… to write, not to think!” — Finding Forrester


So I watched Resident Evil: Retribution

The first 5 minute of the Rewind and Forward was :

Then the zombies came out and I’m like:

So i sneaked out and sneak in to another hall to watch Nicholoast Tse in The Bullet Vanish and I’m like:

Sorry, I care more about my heart rate than those zombies, thank God I didn’t buy the 3D version! 😛

p/s: My friend ask me how did I manage to find that hall (the bullet vanish is playing) I told her, I just randomly go to every hall, and find myself in that hall haha. Bruce Willis was playing in another hall but I was not a fan of him, so i tried another door

Why I don’t like Captain America

Caution: Read at your own risk

Personally I don’t like the idea of having a country name ‘America’ as Superhero. It is an obvious attempt to imply the message itself, ‘America’. Knowing the fact that it was published in the same time line where World War II happens, and their first comic showed how the Captain America punches the Nazi’s face. That is an indirect/direct way of telling what the American’s wish to win the war.

As mentioned here:


Simon said Captain America was a consciously political creation; he and Kirby were morally repulsed by the actions of Nazi Germany in the years leading up to the United States’ involvement in World War II and felt war was inevitable: “The opponents to the war were all quite well organized. We wanted to have our say too.”

Captain America Comics #1 — cover-dated March 1941 and on sale in December 1940, a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, but a full year into World War II — showed the protagonist punching Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the jaw; it sold nearly one million copies – wikipedia


The WWII was not about a cruel leader conquering Europe but it was more of Capitalism VS Socialism. I support neither. For war doesn’t benefit anyone but those who funds the war: suppliers for war machines, medicine , and investors waiting to construct the buildings in a certain country that will be destroyed.

For more info on why I am saying this, please read:

Brainwashed For War, Programmed To Kill by Matthias Chang

Now, Ive seen The Avengers, I felt that the least character I like is Captain America. Probably because he is the only one who was not mutated ‘normally’ by some meteorites and stuff like that b ut the fact that he is a product of America’s advanced scientific research experiment.

However, just like Superman, they try to make it seem like another Superman but this one comes from America instead and a (Super) human. It is also implies the intention of America in creating a Super human or at least Robot with such technology like Tony Stark (whom you can relate easily on why it is a very lucrative business to invest in). Imagine with only one IronMan, how many countries can be destroyed by such technology?

And this is what’s happening, war being orchestrated, planned, and purposely created such like Iraq,Afghanistan and now Syria? What they want is not just the country, but as well as testing the latest weapon/technology in the name of war.

Saddam Hussein, Osama Ben Laden, and whoever was brought down from their power are only puppets that they no longer find them useful. Saddam Hussein’s won a war back then FUNDED by America, there was picture everywhere that there was a diplomatic ties. And now that he is no longer relevant to be used, they took him down and place another puppet. The recent Egypt Revolution, just think why would anyone be brought down only to be replaced by someone who takes out IMF loan? Have you seen how Greece,Ireland,Spain are doing now? Have you seen how Indonesia who is STILL paying for their IMF debt which is increasing every year and never able to pay off since 1997 Asian Financial crisis?

No I dont blame America, the problem is we are using paper money, backed with NOTHING. The paper money, when it is easily printed, without any backing, or usng a real value like gold/silver. Will only enable countries like America or people who have more ‘paper money’ to fund all these wars and control the economy to only a handful of few.

The result is, we – the people – are the one’s who is paying the tax to fund these wars. And the consequences is that we are the one’s who had to pay more paper money to buy the same thing we use for the past years. And yet, the $50 we have now is not the same (buying power) by next year.

Every year, there will be 30% increase inflation, that only means, the price of goods and service will increase by 30% and so does the rest domino effect like employment etc. Inflation is not price about going up, but the VALUE of the paper going DOWN. And if we don’t start to do something about it, say protect our wealth by turning our papers into tangible assets or slowly acquiring gold or silver bar/coins – any form of tangible assets to prepare ourselves from the next crash.

Forget about Palestine, your own country, yourself, and the next generations after generations will forever be in debt. In Japan, the debt is already made legal that its transferable to your children when you die, I am not sure if they are aware of that but it will always make you be in debt. That is what they want you to be, to be the slave of debt,starting from your loan, credit card, and many other things.

Just my opinion.

Izzati in Cameron

She have reached that stage where she will ask what is this what is that, so there was so much things she wants to know during the whole journey. Most of our time was filled with answering her questions lol! The little umbrella, she insist of holding it for as long as she can and very much into animal though she was a bit scared at first but after seeing how harmless the rabbits were,she enjoyed feeding the rabbits.

Seriously, parents, please bring your children more to the nature and dettach them from being attached to the gadgets. Leave them (the gadget) at home and let them be a kid again!

Holiday Review: Cameron Highland

Had a good recharge holiday. Though in my school days, I learn about how this holiday thing is a pop culture of whatsoever commercialism  but hey, everybody need a holiday for themselves okay. It boost the economy, mental health and productivity!

It was my family first vacation since the last time we actually go for a vacation as family, that is all thanks to my niece for being born. I think the only time we actually went for a family vacation is when we were growing up, then we had schools and university.

But as a family, its very rare due to our own busy schedule. But this year , we were in the mood for a little vacation so we decided to go to Cameron Highland. The last time I set foot there was like 8 years ago, in a bus trip. Two place that my parents don’t like us to go without them is Cameron & Genting due to the accident risk.

I went to Genting once in a lifetime during my internship, I think that’s enough for me until perhaps one day when I have my own family to bring. As for Cameron, well, now that I’ve went there again, I will most likely want to come back for two reason:

1) It brings back the memory & weather of Ireland, 17 – 20 degree celcius!

2) I’m getting more in touch with my feminine side, I actually enjoyed the flowers, strawberries in other words the nature hehe

We arrive quite late already on our first day, so we only had time for a little walk & steamboat for dinner. Next day, we went to the MARDI park (Taman Agroteknologi ? ) Anyway, its a must visit place rather than the private park, pay for RM3/person and you get to see all kinds of flowers,veggies,strawberries,and even a mini zoo. Plus, when you buy strawberries there,it is slightly cheaper by a few cents. Most of the jem sold there was made by MARDI, the only difference is the label lol

Three place I would recommend is

* The Hill station, Tanah Rata

Surprisingly, they have very good combination of western & indian food.

Recommended: Plain Naan (crispy,thin bread) with Chutney


* Avant Chocolate Factory, Kampung Raja

I’m not quite sure if its the right location, but they have very nice strawberry based desserts, fruit juice & even Cameron sweet corn (pictures later). They sell all sort of chocolate bars as well, and the cafe is nearby to their strawberry,flower,vegetable farm with soft music to encourage the plants growth!


* Bharat Tea House, Tanah Rata 

They have a lot of tea house along the way, but I would recommend the one’s facing their Tea Plantation if you are looking for the ambience. Recommended tea: Mint Tea.


As for the accommodation, it depends on your budget, for family like us, the Calla Lilly Boutique Hotel have very good rate & spacious for a big family.

As for the tours, I strongly suggest that you don’t make too much plans and explore Cameron as it is! 🙂

“After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting yourself, as to see all the other fellows busy working.”

Kenneth Grahame


Anne Frank: Review

As promised before for a review, my view is, I enjoyed reading it as a good book, although I still find it a wonder how she can write that well in such a young age. If I were to say my true thought about it, it will invite some disagreement, so I’ll just keep that to myself. But there are several things she wrote that grabbed my attention and made me want to write again, this time differently in a way I have not able to explore yet. Unfortunately, it is written elsewhere.

However much, I could see how she matures throughout the 2 year time she was in hiding, don’t know how she manage to read all the books like she mentioned in that book. But when you have all the time in the world in hiding, reading books is perhaps the only way to keep our brain sane enough or fed at least. I can’t imagine being in hiding that long and have nothing to do but face each other’s perks & quirks.

So I am going to write a little bit what Anne Frank thought in the book which is:

1) It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” 

I thought she experienced some sort of torture along the way, but it is a good way to reflect to ourselves that no matter what happens, no one was born a bad person, but the choices,experience,surrounding and other factors contributed to it. I guess we could say, that we ought to still have good opinion to people, even if we have gone through a bad situation but it doesn’t mean that everyone is the same. As for the person who wronged us, hopefully one day all the wrong things will be put right in a matter of time.

2) “Anyhow, I’ve learned one thing now. You only really get to know people when you’ve had a jolly good row with them. Then and then only can you judge their true characters!” 

This is very much true, some people when we have a jolly good row, it make use closer or know them better what they like or don’t like. If we care enough for the person, we will try to change or make peace or attempt to solve whatever issue we have with the people whom we care. But other times, when we have a ‘good’ row with them it can also turn bad,only after these row , we can see their true characters,when that happens, we have to decide whether or not we still want to maintain a good relation or get out from such situation that may cause further harm or danger in the future. Family is a good kind of row, because we can’t choose our family ,we can only accept them the way they already are (the good and bad side). But those who aren’t, well then we have to decide that for ourselves whether its a good row or a bad row. If its bad, then, row as fast as you can from such situation.

3) “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” 

This was written prior to her mother’s opinion when she was always assumed such and such by her mother who thinks that we should think about those who is in worst condition than us – meaning that we should not be too sad about our condition when there is other people in sadder condition. Both the mother and Anne’s opinion are the same thing looked from a different perspective.

The mother feels that we should not be too sad, but the daughter feels that we should be happy with whatever we already have. Both way is right, but how we want to perceive it makes a difference. Do we want to not be too sad  about our situation or still be happy despite the sad situation we have?

4) “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” 

This applies to all, other than parents, it means anyone can give a good advice whenever we have any problem or issue to solve, but at the end of the day it is up to us to decide our own future. We can accept or reject people’s opinion, which I  call it as ‘filtering’ whenever my parents gives a good/not-so-good advice but in the end, after weighing people’s opinion and ask ourselves what we want to do, its up to us.

P/S: Just because I say so, it doesn’t mean that you should only think of yourselves, it is important also to take into account our parents opinion.