My first wedding video

My first wedding video as a beginner (And still learning ) is none other than the first marriage in my family. Like i said before, it was just for fun and I had a lot of fun thinking which song to use,which point and what picture to suit every sequence and lyric if possible. Thats the fun part of it, but the bad part is the time you had to spend working on it.

Though it was not the best video compared to the professionals, it was the best I could do at that time 2004, when I have not even started my degree in broadcasting. But I am proud enough with what I have made from it ,because every time I look at it, it gives me the whole feeling of the first time I ever got a sister in law. And I was too excited as if I just got a new sister, and she is. No?

Anyway I wish Happy Anniversary to both and may Allah bless your marriage till Jannah. Amin


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