Congratulations Datuk!!

The only thing that caught my attention in the match other than his calm and composed manner trying his best to win the match, he sure won the rest of Malaysian’s heart! Last night was one of the best match I have ever watched, you could hear a pin dropping at some part of the game. Phewhh close but he gave a good fight! And for those who had the guts to even question about his lost, show me your gold medal first if you have any complaints. Seriously, he did his best and the least earns him a silver (SECOND silver in Olympic)! Are you even a Malaysian to be saying such! p/s: He did won over Lin Dan in another match in Korea  so he did beat him elsewhere. Regardless, congrats also to Lin Dan also read this : Note: LCW won 42 Golds,22 Silvers (2 Olympic Silver medals) and 199 consecutive weeks as the World No.1 Badminton player in Men’s Singles.  Not enough gold yet?


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