On Anniversary

As usual they forgot their own anniversary, as they promised themselve that they are allowed to forget each other’s birthday & anniversary to avoid from arguing about who remember who didn’t or who gives present or who gives better present but one thing they promised is not to forget each other. Happy Anniversary to two people I love most 🙂


My first wedding video

My first wedding video as a beginner (And still learning ) is none other than the first marriage in my family. Like i said before, it was just for fun and I had a lot of fun thinking which song to use,which point and what picture to suit every sequence and lyric if possible. Thats the fun part of it, but the bad part is the time you had to spend working on it.

Though it was not the best video compared to the professionals, it was the best I could do at that time 2004, when I have not even started my degree in broadcasting. But I am proud enough with what I have made from it ,because every time I look at it, it gives me the whole feeling of the first time I ever got a sister in law. And I was too excited as if I just got a new sister, and she is. No?

Anyway I wish Happy Anniversary to both and may Allah bless your marriage till Jannah. Amin

Pertandingan Pidato Antarabangsa Bahasa Melayu

One of the anticipated event every year where you get to see mat saleh speaking inMalay language. Impressed, right?

Nusantara Champion: Amiruddin Abd Rahman

“Bangsa Berilmu Bangsa Bertamadun”

 Genevieve Woods , Australia 

And one of the most hilarious performance was this one:

“Saya bukan penjual karpet” 

(I am not a carpet seller , a typical stereotype for those who looks like Bangladeshi selling carpet)

Sebghatullah (Afghanistan)

Review: The Diary Of A Young Girl

I just read only half of the book until now, stealing some time to finish it despite my busy schedule. And I probably may have to steal more time to finish this book. The first time I heard about her was when I pass by one of the notice board, someone posted a quote from her book which is:

“In spite of everything I still believe people are really good at heart.”― Anne Frank

At that time I was going through a lot of things, and when I saw that quote, it save me a little bit of faith and hope over whatever I was going through then. Now should you must know, I am a muslim. And a muslim were ever not in favor with what the Jews have done to the Palestinian and the rest of the muslims who was oppressed by such mistreatment.

However, I do believe that this doesn’t apply to all, meaning that just because they are Jew it doesn’t mean they are all bad. And when my someone saw me reading this book, the person whispered this to me:

“She’s a Jew!”

I answered: “So? She’s a human too?”


I’ve been longing to read the book, just to know why a lot of people likes that book so much. And I certainly would want to know, how can a young girl who was just around 13 years old,stuck in the war,for almost 2 years in hiding, can still think that “In Spite Everything, I still Believe People Are Really Good At Heart”

Seriously it took a whole lot of courage and faith to still believe that no matter what happens, they are still good at heart. Perhaps being secluded from such terror or torture saved her from having bad impression about others, though.. living in terror during her hiding is already a terrifying thought to live everyday.

But all I can say when I read her book is that, regardless who she is, where she comes from and what not, she is after all just a young little girl looking for some fun and not be stuck in such misery and go through this war. Such was the condition if it was written by a young muslim girl, they just want to have some peace and lovely day, playing outside, enjoy their childhood, have some ice cream, and just live their life the fullest.

Therefore, I seriously hope and pray that , no matter if you are muslim or non – muslim, lets stop these war, and live in peace. If during the world war back then, its the Jews who was oppressed and freed, now that its the Muslims, why should it be any different? We too wants to live in peace and free just like you would not want to be living in such poverty and wars going around your neighbourhood.

And to Anne, thank you for writing that diary, thanks to her father too for printing the book so that people can understand what life means. I believe that although Anne did not survive the war to fulfil her ambition to become a writer, she is already a writer at such a young age! May you rest in peace.

“Would anyone, either Jew or non-Jew, understand this about me, that I am simply a young girl badly in need of some rollicking fun?”

-Anne Frank

The things you wait most every Ramadhan in Malaysia


YES! The PETRONAS annual advertisement! Though Yasmin Ahmad’s ads will be missed, but this one is as good as the one’s before.

The least, they did was to look beyond the race in Malaysia but also as a muslim and the human race – importantly the children!

Congratulations PETRONAS & Leo Burnett for producing this, and of cause Redza Minhat & his cute little Uzbeks kids




Congratulations Datuk!!

The only thing that caught my attention in the match other than his calm and composed manner trying his best to win the match, he sure won the rest of Malaysian’s heart! Last night was one of the best match I have ever watched, you could hear a pin dropping at some part of the game. Phewhh close but he gave a good fight! And for those who had the guts to even question about his lost, show me your gold medal first if you have any complaints. Seriously, he did his best and the least earns him a silver (SECOND silver in Olympic)! Are you even a Malaysian to be saying such! p/s: He did won over Lin Dan in another match in Korea  so he did beat him elsewhere. Regardless, congrats also to Lin Dan also read this : Note: LCW won 42 Golds,22 Silvers (2 Olympic Silver medals) and 199 consecutive weeks as the World No.1 Badminton player in Men’s Singles.  Not enough gold yet?