When Si meets Oui

A very long overdue wedding gift to my friend Susana who got married recently this year. Bless her that she became a muslim last Maal Hijrah and found her husband a few month later. And now she’s married!

It took me sometime to think of how to edit this video since I’ve never done a wedding video involving ‘mat saleh’ hehe so I ‘d like to make something different this time around. Particularly because Susana is a Spanish and she marries a French-Muslim-Man. Though I tried looking for Spanish song to compliment the video but  most of the song I know of turn out to be about heartbreak LOL! It sound so nice and yet it was actually about break ups, so you don’t want to put that no?

It was challenging to do this video since I had to ask some friends who was good in Spanish and French to translate for me, so that took some time to get reply. Then I was having trouble to think of the best way to edit the video, esp because I don’t want to make it too typical.

So for the first time, I used B&W (Black and White) on the first part before  bringing back the colour on the second (B&W is the least effect I like, I prefer the ones with colour). I did however sneak peek one coloured picture in between B & W so that people can see the dress they wear. And its beautiful no? It was a simple wedding , with few close friends of theirs,by the swimming pool and thats all. I didn’t get to see the akad nikah (marriage part) though, so I just shoot whatever’s available at that time. While trying my best not to let the bride know what I am up to haha it was supposed to be a surprise for her.

Anyway, here is the wedding video , let me know what you think…


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