You know you are Malaysian when:


1) “On The Way” means “You Are Far Away”, you either miles away from the destination or you haven’t gone out of the house/the place you are at so you say you are on the way so that you have time to get ready & actually on the way.


2) You call any instant noodle “Megi” even if it’s not Maggie or Milo at any chocolate drink even if its Vico,Ovaltine or Oligo.


3) You use Friendster instead of Facebook before you think Facebook are cooler only to realize its not that cool anymore but every time someone mentions Friendster, you will  deny the fact you had Friendster before.


4) You use ‘Lah’ at almost every word but you find it weird when foreigners use it at every word they say trying to be Malaysian


5) You only start your event at 9.00 even though in the schedule it says 8.30 because you only arrive 30minutes  later from the time given.


6) You eat almost 24 hours a day, breakfast at 7@8, tea break at 10@11, lunch at 12@1, tea break at 3@4, dinner at 8@9, supper at 11 @ 12 where most of the time you eat at mamak for some teh tarik & roti canai with your friends & you must have ‘nasi’ @ rice at least once a day.


7)  You do things last minute, last minute paying the summon whenever they give discounts, last minute shopping when its Raya because you are too busy to do it early even if you have time.


8) You bargain like – A LOT, even if you already got some discounts, you still bargain hoping to get less discount just to see how far your bargaining skill.


9) You may hate/complain everything on tv on why it should or should not be but still you watch it anyway.


10) You are always frustrated & complain a lot about Malaysian sports game like football, badminton & all but the minute they won a tournament, you suddenly become their biggest fan & proud of them as if you never complained at all.


11) You may hate a certain Malaysian politic/politician/political party but you still love them anyway whenever there’s issue in Malaysia so you talk a lot about them and debate like you are in a Parliment to win your agruement even though you know it doesn’t change anything or make you a politician.


12) You will be smiling to this because you are either a  Malaysian or have been to Malaysia  & you know its true ;P


13) You have seen this youtube





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