What I learn From Harry Potter

When I first read the series, I admit that I was rather late in joining the crowd. I started with Prisoner of Azkaban (thanks to a good friend of mine) before I return to the start. I have always been very selective in choosing what book to read, if its not worth reading, I wont even read just about any book to pass the time. So when I first read Harry Potter, there’s such a feeling you get as if its alive and at the same time your imagination goes wild about what they might look like as you read.


Now those who think that its just a children’s book, you are wrong. Its a book where you actually grow up with the character. It started when Harry and friends was 11 years old and grew up into 17 years old before fastforward to them being in the mid 30’s after Voldermort died.


The first thing I like most about the way J.K. Rowling writes is how no matter in which book,she always at least gives an introduction or recaps on what the previous book was about. Meaning that you can at least get a little idea on what the story is about even if you haven’t read the first book.


Secondly,is how she put everything she wrote in her book into such detailed history behind it. From the first book,she started to give clues by clues to every other book that she will relate back. For example, when Harry’s parent died because of Voldermort and why he vanished, we were explain back in the following book bit by bit on why Harry survived. Its like uncovering pieces of puzzle before the whole picture was completed at the end of the last book.


Most of the book authors only tells story, but J K Rowling told history, in other word ‘herstory’. To write for children audience who is growing up and will keep on reading the next book as they grow up is not easy. Most of the children’s storybook only starts with Once Upon A Time & They Live Happily Ever After. These children who read that book have stopped reading just because they grew up, but with Harry Potter, they stood by it until the very end. Not because they don’t want to grow up, but because they grew up reading Harry Potter.

Now we go down to the character, I’m not going to say all, but I will select some of the biggest part that gave an impact to my life which is:


Harry Potter

Without him,there will never be Harry Potter right? The point is, he was fortunate to be brought up in Muggle (humans) world because had he been raised in the Magic world, I don’t think he will turn up the same like he is at the end of the book. Like Hermione, neither was exposed to The Tales of Bard and Beedle. Meaning that neither knew anything about the Deathly Hallow which is a good thing not to be exposed of any whatever stereotypes in the Magical world.


It simply reflect that if one were not raised to believe and accept stereotypes that one blood is purer than another – it will make a big difference to future generations . I secretly wish that JKR did not focused too much with Gryffindor & Slytherin because it made all the other House sound unfamiliar despite some introduction of every other house. It would make a big difference if Hermione for example is a Ravenclaw, Ron a Hufflepuff per say, so that readers can actually relate that being in different House does not make you superior or better than the other, but the important thing is that we are all Hogwarts.


Okay,back to what I was saying, Harry in his search of the Hocruxes, believed in Dumbledore despite what people say about him though he did for a second had doubts of what he is doing, he still had a good thought that Dumbledore had his own reason that whatever happens he should always believe in the Dumbledore he knew.

In the end he had to accept his fate that he must ‘die’ in order to destroy the Hocrux within him – making himself  the master of death for him to become the master of Deathly Hallows. His pure heart, even during the last duel, Harry still gave a chance if Voldermort could have a little bit of remorse.


But the most important lesson I learn from Harry Potter character is that even though the greatest wizard, or Godfather, or Greatest Auror, or Free Elf, or even his own Parents died protecting him, the important thing is that all that does not matter because at the end of the day only you can protect yourself and defend others besides you from any harm.


Hermione Granger

She is indeed the brightest wizard of her age, for a young and yet muggle (human) born wizard, she came out top of the House. It showed that even if we are human being,we all have every potential within us to become better than any other people in this world & prove them wrong.


Ron Weasley

He was my least fave character, I used to wonder why Hermione would fall for him. He was afraid of Spiders and all the other scary creature, and yet I finally realize that it was not his pet peeves that should be looked into, but his effort to be brave and braced himself in facing dangers that even though he was scared but he tried it anyway. Being a weasley, his ability to cheer up the room pretty much runs in the vein, I think that what made Hermione fall for since she’ll probably be stuck up serious all the time with all the books she keep herself busy with.


Neville Longbottom

I bet most of us have somehow fell in love with Neville by now, I couldn’t see the relation of Neville being the Other Chosen One until I saw the movie. Even in the book, I still could not relate why it must be Neville and not Ron or Hermione – anyone as long as its not Neville. After watching the last movie, I finally get that through out the years, Neville became braver and braver in facing his self confidence. Like Matthew Lewis said: “Just as Harry believed in Neville, Neville started to believe in himself”.


I guess that’s what happened, even though he knows he is small back in the times when he wanted to fight to protect Harry Potter – and again in Dumbledore’s Army – and reliving the DA when Harry’s gone to find Hocruxes. Neville believed in Harry even though he doesn’t know Harry’s whereabouts and what his plans is, he believed in Harry just like Harry believed in Dumbledore and also Dumbledore believed in Harry when no one believed Voldermort is back. See?


Luna Lovegood.

She is indeed a unique character,she was different but she doesn’t care if she is different or people treated her differently. She was always in her own world and yet don’t really mind what people talk behind her back. She had her own style and originality,and importantly she was being herself. There was one part where she reads the Quibbler upside down, did anyone ever occur to their mind that it could be that she CAN read upside down?See? “You are just as sane as I am” – said Luna


Severus Snape

Is the most missed character, I wish he did not die in such way. I wish that Harry & Snape could at least spend the end of their life time together. But had Snape did not sacrificed himself to protect Harry, no one could tell that Snape actually loved Harry and had been protecting him even before he was born. Snape showed that sometimes even the meanest people can change if they were given a chance, and Snape changed a lot even though he doesn’t show it.


Wormtail, Dolores Umbridge,Cornelieus Fudge

That in this world there are people like these 3 character. Wormtail symbolizes friends who will betray you, Dolores is just someone in power who enjoys using their power towards others weaker than her,and Cornelieus are just too afraid that people take power from him that he’s just all too paranoid and arrogant enough to listen to people below him.


That’s why, I am glad to be the Harry Potter generation

Think of a happy memory & Expecto Patronum everyone~!

* Proud to be a muggle*


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