Perempuan Neraka

I just came back from tarawekh when I switched on to this drama, though some of my friends said there were some ridiculous part in the drama which I probably missed out but I am glad that I only watch the last bit of it. A drama (Especially Malay drama) that made me stay on until the end are either good or bad enough for me to criticize later lol!

I stayed because I wanted to know how the director will end the drama, will he make it typical story line = the wife gets what she ‘deserves’ or slightly different. For a change, the director did manage to put on a twist, while the wife may have got what she deserves when she slowly gone broke and had been locked out from the house, but the director wishes to give the wife a chance to start over.

The fact that regardless what his wife did to him, he genuinely loved her, which he admits to have failed as a leader of the family but wishes not his wife to be drag down to hell with him too. As he said in his last will,

“I am only a ‘dumb’ lorry driver who is in love with the most beautiful woman on earth”

So there you go, the fault aren’t just to the wife for giving black magic etc,  but regardless what, the husband too needs to play a role,and Shaytan are scared of people who keeps up their Ibadah & remembrance of Allah. Therefore, let this be a reminder to ourselves and a reason to remember Allah more.

May Allah protect us  from the whispers of  Shaytan and our own nafs. May Allah have mercy on us and bring us back to His road whenever we slip away. May Allah forgive us and those before us. May Allah bless us all.


Picture taken from Puteri Syasya Mashitah‘s blog, who plays the daughter.


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