On cooking.

Lets get real, some of us may follow the recipe book , but most of us do not actually go out to shop based on the recipe. Instead cooks only whatever’s available around us which is what I find Malay cooking are rather creative in utilizing the things around them. Well, back when we use to have our own garden, plant our own vegetables and herbs, rear our own chicken, and practically  find our own ingredients to make a certain cooking.


That is why the most commonly used item in a Malay  cooking (also other Asians countries) starts with Onion, Garlic, and  Ginger. Herbs like Cardamom,  Cloves , Cinnamon,  Tumeric and so on. Because, medically, if we were to actually have time to find out more about it, is that most of the herbs works good on our health and body systems. For example,Ginger works well in getting the winds out from your body, Cardamom prevents lungs,throat gum, and digestive problem. Clove oil works on dental problem, keeps your teeth from decay and relives toothache , Cinnamon  is a natural preservative, and recent studies found that 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day lowers your cholestrol (and 9 other benefits) , Tumeric , well I know for sure that if you have a nose block, just wipe a wet turmeric on your noseand it will unblock in a few minutes  else refer this link

And one of my fave remedies I practice is the Honey & Diced Onion whenever I feel like having a fever,  just dice half of the onion, soak into a few teaspoons of onion (depending on the amount of onion you are using,just pour enough to cover the onion) and leave it for a 2-3 hours until the juice comes out, drink the juice – not the onion so that you can use it again the second time (preferably once in the morning, and another before you sleep). You will be back on your feet in no time!

Why is it so? Well honey obviously have its own benefits already but Onion, is a good anti-biotic so, thats why its a good combination.

#In case of emergency: Extreme fever may try eating with the onion altogether, my friend did that when she desperately needs to get healthy again in one day. Oh she sure was running by then lol!

Which is one of the reasons why most foreign merchants back in the Malay Archipelagoes time comes all the way to look for the Land of Spices! See? How beautiful is our culture – if only we dig back our history.

p/s: Another good thing about the Malay culture is that we eat Ulam  as vegetables, Ulam such as Pegaga, AND WELL, GO FIGURE!





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