A Toast for Toast!

Toast (2010)  was based on Nigel Slater’s memoir when he grew up to become a chef.  I kinda enjoyed the movie, it was simple,straightforward and yet beautiful in a sense.

This was the summary taken from wikipedia because I am too lazy to write my own lol

Nigel Slater (Oscar Kennedy) is keen on cooking while his mother (Victoria Hamilton) is a poor cook with chronic asthma. As her illness worsens, so does Nigel’s relationship with his father (Alan Slater, portrayed by Ken Stott). After Nigel’s mother dies, his father begins to spend his evenings with newly divorced cleaner Mrs. Potter (Helena Bonham Carter), whose signature lemon meringue pie is a hit with Mr. Slater. Nigel would later try to extract the recipe from her. Alan and Mrs. Potter embark on a relationship, and soon move to a remote part of the Herefordshire countryside with Nigel, who dislikes his father’s new partner.
Nigel (Freddie Highmore) finds solace in home economics classes at school, and uses his improved culinary skills to gain his father’s affections, thus becoming Mrs Potter’s rival. The excessive food causes Mr. Slater to gain weight and become more temperamental. Nigel soon lands a job in the kitchen of his local pub to avoid Mrs. Potter.
When Mr. Slater dies from an implied heart attack from the food that Mrs. Potter has been feeding him, Nigel’s mind is set as he packs a bag for London, leaving Mrs. Potter behind. While leaving the country home, Nigel thanks Mrs. Potter and to her confusion, walks off, vowing to never see or speak to her again. He soon arrives at The Savoy Hotel where he is offered a job in the kitchen by a chef portrayed by the real Nigel Slater.


So what I find it beautiful is the usage of song and flashback memories to show the longing of Slater towards his mother who recently died, and the gesture that his father showed when he ate his son’s cooking even if its burnt. However, I find it horrible to see how they cook in those days with cans on the boiling water. Like seriously??

However much, it was really entertaining to see Slater’s attempts to find out the Lemon Meringue recipe from his stepmother. Oh how nice would it be to have a slice of Lemon Meringue cake with tea at this hour (*Ahem* I mean if its not Ramadhan month hehe)

Until then, here is the real Nigel Slater, and that adds another list of must watch if you ever feel like cooking.



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