Self reward

Have you ever try out a dress and it feels so right the first time you wear it? That was what I felt when I put on this blazer and I knew right then it was the right blazer for me. My dream blazer. As if. haha

Reason of buying:

1) Early convocation dress (which is actually 1 year away from now hopefully if I get to graduate)

2) Presentation in formal events

3) Interview/Work/Functions (esp whenever I may not dress proper or only have a shirt in case of emergency – I learn from a good friend of mine)

Its always good to have at least one good blazer in case we need one, and a blazer hides everything you wear underneath it. But actually, the main reason is the fact  that after a long wait and checking out the blazer if its still on sale….its 50% off!!! So , now I vow to only shop during sale season which is between July – August and save the rest he..he.. unless of cause I find a good deal – which makes it an exception =P

Anyway, since I rarely go for shopping spree, so I regret nothing ‘investing’ on this beautiful piece of ‘art’. ❤


p/s: I  know that some of my friends complains about the way I dress sometimes a bit messy, but I don’t feel obliged to follow a fashion that I am not comfortable wearing it. So , my current ‘fashion’ that I am comfortable is what I am wearing now, a Long sleeve/T-shirt & jeans and only dress up during occasional event that requires a certain dress code.  Should I want to change that, well we have to wait until I can afford it.


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