Growing up.

I would not say that I have grown up, esp the fact that I have not really grown (physically).

But looking back these pictures, I never realized how sad I look at the camera when the truth is, I was happy.

Its seems as if I rarely show it – or it so happen that I close my mouth the minute the camera flash on me 😛

The first picture on the first left, was me when I got ‘bisul’  on my head, I was fated to grow  at least two of them. The first on my forehead – which I don’t remember – all I was told that I practically runs away the minute my aunt who was the doctor that treated my ‘bisul’ back then, it took me a few chocolate to finally be brave enough to be near her (fearing that I get another round of her ‘medicine’)

The second – and hopefully the last grow on big enough that I could not sit (take a guess). My parents claim that I don’t remember, but the most painful memory is what you remember most for a little kid like you. Because it took a lot of people to hold me down from running away just before my dad gets the ‘bisul’ out using a warm bottle to vacuum out the ‘bisul’.

The rest of the picture, I don’t even remember wearing esp the gown. Except the school uniform.

But as I edit this picture, a lot of memories recalled on how much I have ‘evolved’ from a shy girl to well.. a little bit more confident than I was way back then.  And at least now, I  smile more – at least I try to 🙂

“You’ve changed”

No. I grew up.

– Anonymous


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