Batik Malaysia vs Batik Indonesia

“Now that’s a tough question” said the Batik guy during his Batik demonstration in Noor Arfa Batik , Terengganu. And yet he answer it so beautifully that I had to share it here. These were his answer

1) The Style: Batik Malaysia use Floral motif compared to Fauna by the Indonesian Batik

Batik Malaysia
Batik Indonesia

2) The Motifs:

 Indonesian Batik highlight mostly animal print such as the ‘Garuda’ bird as one of the main elements in their motif while Malaysia do not .

Batik Indonesia
Batik Malaysia

3) The Technique:

Indonesian Batik are more detailed,  they have smaller dots to make a line for the motif’s which was written with their hand underneath while Malaysia, prefer’s it simple.

Batik Indonesia
Batik Malaysia

And so, that explains the differences which I hope whatever issue about who copy who would just stop & get on with our life. Knowing the fact is, we all come from ‘Serumpun’ (belong in the same ‘family’) of what used to be Nusantara/Malay Archipelago, so its no question why we have similarities (and differences too) in many aspect of our life. But do, do remember that at the end of the day, all knowledge belongs to The Creator. Full stop.


5 thoughts on “Batik Malaysia vs Batik Indonesia

    1. To me, there’s no need to be caught with Malaysia vs Indonesia. Basically, we are from the same root, called Nusantara, this covers both Malaysia and Indonesia. So why should we fight over it when even some of the Malays here originated from Indonesia, some still have family in Indonesia while the other have migrated here. Of cause they will take their culture with them and spread it in other country and blend it with the local culture where they migrated to – in their own way. Just look at the Cape Malay, they still try to preserve some bits of Indonesian culture since their arrival but they have blend it with the African culture. Some words used by the South African actually have Malay word in it. This means, the Batik or whatever culture that have been brought here, have been modified to the local context far different from the original birth place of such culture. Its how you see it that matters, the way I see it, we are just from the same root, but with different branches but comes from the same Tree.


      1. Yes, that’s right.. But the problem is the bad view of every person which has become a culture. I cannot deny that the people around me still harbored resentment against Malaysia, that feeling kept passed down to their offspring. They are hard to assume good faith to Malaysia, maybe they still can’t forget the conflicts that occurred in the past. Sometimes, I also still affected by their view .


      2. well, even in our own life, we can’t satisfy everyone’s demand, what more for a national issue? so if they can only view things badly, then there’s nothing much we can do. regardless, this is only a blog post, whether or not people want to accept or not this opinion, its up to the readers.


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