Rethinking: Wedding videography.

It seems like a trend now to hire wedding videographer, but somehow it felt like something missing whenever I watch the video’s.

Probably because most of the videographer is a stranger in the couple’s life, therefore its hard to really capture the moment in such day.

Some would even pay up to 30 K for a wedding video, which draws a line between luxury or having the luxury to afford such service.

To me, I would prefer a videographer who knew me well before such day, or at least knows me and my family and the likes of it.

That is why, whenever I attend a wedding/engagement, the only gift I could give is through video gift if I have the time for it.

So when I make the video, it become personal for it gives me a personal touch and sentimental value in the video I make.

Therefore, a video should be made as if its a gift to the couple, and when you give – you give it all .

But my skilss are however still need to be brushed, the video’s I make was edited by Live Movie Maker only, I still have not been able to learn FCP (my skills in Adobe have long gone due to lack of practice lol) while my camera relies only by my two black stained on the screen second hand digital camera I bought during my travels. So if anyone were to ever complain about it, do remember that I am doing it for free despite all. hehe.

Anyway, the thing is,when I observe some wedding photgrapher, there is one skill that they miss look, to capture the moment and not create the moment. Per say, the couple that they shoot , its good to talk to them, know what they like or dislike, their favourite song and let them pick the song (unless you really know what they like and surprise them with the song)

But during the shoot, its even better to be able to communicate and not just shoot the way the couple are already like – or even ask them to act in certain way. I’m not sure if its really good or bad to be acting too much in the video, but it makes it feel like its pretentious. During my friends engagement, I purposely make her laugh so that she feels comfortable in showing her true self and catch her smile in candid.

Also, in another wedding, I don’t tell them that I was shooting for them, else it becomes a bit awkward for them which makes them feel like they were being watched or something. I prefer a natural and candid style of shoot whereby the subject shows their true feelings instead.

And out of all, other than documentary, I feel that wedding videography is as real as it gets since its based on true story, so I hope that if you are a wedding videographer, you will preserve that feelings. Capture the moment NOT create the moment. Maybe I am wrong maybe I am right, but either way, its just my humble opinion.

In another note, every one in a family should learn photography/videography, even if you edit with movie maker, you can save a lot on your wedding video – unless of cause you can afford to pay it base on your budget. Somehow I just feel that wedding videography should not cost a lot, but time & creativity does.


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