And the campeones goes to…….

No word can express how I feel today whether it was the fact that:

1) The first goal was scored on the 14th minute or the second one on the 41st or the third by Torres and another by Juan Mata just after he came in !!!

2) The swiftness of the Spanish player in controlling most of the ball, dribbling, passing all the way through out the game c0onfusing the Italians – and not even give them a single chance to breathe easy.

3) That Balotelli was just irrelevant after the Germany lost to them

4) The focus & stamina they showed when the Italians brought in their substitute only to be taken out again on a stretcher.

5) Casillas awesome grip & and save makes me not worry whether or not the Italians can score any goal

6) The consistency the Spaniards armada showed in every game which is what I like most, they were calm and composed despite the attacks.

7) The attacks after attack that they shoot even if they have scored 2 goals in the first half, but its not a reason for them to be satisfied with that only – Sergio Ramos and Pedro could have scored another 2 more goals lol!

8) That this is the 3rd game in a row since Euro 2008 > World Cup 2010 & now Euro 2012…which I hope they don’t get too happy and be ready for World Cup 2014.

9) David Villa & Puyol randomness LOL! Seriously we miss you Villa!

10) And the fact that everyone thought Spain will never reign again but DID…BOOYAH!!!!

And thus I end with my current FB status:

This year was probably the best played game even without David Villa, we still have Jordi Alba, David Silva, Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas, Torres & even Juan Mata …but most of all to Casillas for saving the best grip when he catch! One thing Spain is good at is : Team work, Consistency & Focus! The game have changed – Astalavista Italy & Balotelli..~~!!! Thank you for the wonderful game you’ve displayed!! Until World Cup 2014, who knows we will win 4 games in a row! SALUDO~!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


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