the ‘rich’ & the ‘poor’

Something my brother & his friend shared with me:

A bespectacle guy went to Afghanistan, the poor Afghani’s ask him, why does he wear spectacle, he said : “To see better”
The poor Afghani took his spectacle & wear on himself: “I don’t see better!”


The difference between a ‘rich’ & ‘poor’ people is that, most poor people in poor countries do not need to wear spectacle while the ‘rich’ needs to wear one & pay a lot of money on it. The poor may not be able to afford to have a lot of money but they are certainly ‘rich in health

Interesting is that, back before lamps was invented, the only available light was the day light, when its night time, the only light available was the oil lamp/and such. Therefore, it is likely that most of the people then sleeps early & rest their eyes for the next 10-12hour. Nowadays, with the invention of light bulbs, the usage of light tend to use more than we should be using, what more with internet esp facebook

*Moral: Sleep early people! Goodnight! 


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