My brother’s engagement, un video.

Finally manage to edit the video , its the first time that i get request for a P. Ramlee & Saloma duet song, this one are from Gelora 

Tried to put some Black & White for a retro look, though personally I am not a fan of B & W. hehe. Oh well, customer is always right.

Well, I don’t get paid anyway, this was made out of fun, at least it will keep my skill brushed – editing video is not really a skill that I am good at though. I have not yet learn how to use FCP (final cut pro) since i dont have a mac to pratice with (*hint*hint*) . Photography are not my main interest,  yet for this purpose I still need good photograph to blend with the video so on this day I was cum photographer at the same time . Yet I do wish I know more about it so that the picture will sync with the video, since there are certain shots that may not match what I want in a video.

Oh well, my days in broadcasting may have long gone due to my master, still it doesn’t mean that I can’t practise once in a while no? Which is why I prefer making video’s for my close friend’s wedding, its sort of my gift to them by capturing their best memories – it may not look professional but at least I hope it can be treasured for a long time. *Truth is I am really bad in giving gift lol!

Still, I find making wedding video’s like this gives me more satisfaction since that is the time when you see real emotion being showed on the Big Day, some may cry,some may shiver, some may laugh but most of all they are happy for the phase they are going to step into. I don’t just mean the bride & groom but also the family coming together.

As for myself, like what my friend once said,

“The question of when I am getting married is for me to decide, your job, is to wait for the invitation”



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