To Farahiyah

My first question to her was, “Why do you wear your pin like that? Here, why not try like this instead?”

She was having allergies from the pin so she had to put a paper in between her scarf to protect her neck. Instead of that, I showed her to just cross over both side and pin on the scarf without getting on her skin

And that’s all it takes for a 6 years worth of friendship.

It took me 2 years to get used to her perks and 2 years more to accept her for who she is and another 2 years more to finally be able to actually bond with her. We are quite the opposite kind of person, she was all chirpy and spoilt , i was reserved and well not always that ‘manja’.  She loves shopping, I prefer saving. I am quiet and she would be the one who does most of the talking. She likes to hold people hands when she walks with them, I am ‘allergic’  (haphephobia) but somehow that fear turns less and less when she was there.

Of cause, we fight – A LOT, but that’s how you know a person (in this case, how you know a true friend) and despite that I would still miss fighting with her. Especially now we live two states apart. Even though she may look like a spoilt rich girl, she comes from an independent background. She works her way up till now, since she was in school,she helped her mom working as a dishwasher, and almost different kind of job as she grows up. Maybe thats why, in the end, she end up being a business women for her online business ButikPinkku .

Secretly, I envy her, wishing that I could also become if not like her, but as good as her. For I was privileged and blessed to come from a family that don’t require me to work while I grow up.  But things happen for a reason, I am sure that I can still work after I graduate, my journey and hers are not the same and yet our road collides.

Once in a while I’d go and visit her in KL whenever I happen to be going there, once a year, she comes to Penang and spends time here. But most of the time, we meet online –  “See you in facebook!” She says. LOL!

Nevertheless, I am glad that we met, though I will never share her Milo since she makes the Milo too sweet for me (for her actually). And today, marks her 25th birthday. I may not remember the day we met, but I will always remember that it is the year when I started my degree. There are too many memories that have been shared through out our friendship, but the one memory I remember most, is the day we became friends.

*I can’t remember when we became best friend but it happened to grow gradually through out our friendship. hehe.

Have a happy happy birthday Fara!!  May your future ahead will also become a happier events. See you – in facebook!  😉


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